Who should I choose?

So I've been dating two guys and it's coming down to who I should choose. Mind you I'm not committed to either one yet and they both know I'm dating other people.

Guy 1:

Pros: has a very good job, is really kind to me, we get along great, he's very passionate, very respectful to me, has a good sense of humor, has taken me out to dinner a lot and on a beach trip, has his own car, very responsible

Cons: sports fanatic ( I don't like sports but I tolerate it lol), can be a know it all at times, doesn't have his own place exactly, he rents a room from a family member because he's saving to get a house which I guess isn't really a con

Guy 2

Pros: we have A LOT in common ( in fact we pretty much like the same things), dresses very nice, has his own place, get along well, has a nice car and bike, is really funny and sweet

Cons: cannot drive his car or bike do to his license being revoked for his 3rd DUI, is currently unemployed, tend to get on each others nerves sometimes but not often, has a drinking problem (but now attends AA meetings)

Also guy 2 is physically more attractive than guy 1, but guy one is better in bed than guy 2


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  • If we say, flip a coin. Guy one is head, guy 2 the other one. We flip it, who would you hope will be the outcome?

    Unemployement can be fixed, his drinking problem he's working on, ... Who do you actually like? Who do you feel most yourself with? We can't say: pick the first guy because he has a good job and is good in bed! That's a rubbish reason to be with someone.

    • Well that's the thing. I'm at a stand still and I don't know who I like better. They both are great guys. But I'm trying to way out the possibilities of who will be better for something long term, because if I'm gonna fully invest in someone I want to make sure it'll be the right choice. I also have a son who will eventually be brought into this so I have that to weigh in too.

    • Don't commit to someone because he has a job or is good in bed. There must be one of the two that makes you feel better when you're with them?

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