Republicans and Racism....

How can anyone argue that there isn't an undercurrent of racism among the Republican party. From Donald Trump constantly questioning the legitimacy of Obama's citizenship and now his passports and college records. Why is this okay? Why is it now that the position of president can be so blatantly disrespected? Even in the 2nd debate Romney was extremely rude, I don't care how you feel about Obama, he is STILL the president. And Sarah Palin saying "Obama's shuck and jive must end with Benghazi lies" Why is this okay or acceptable? Why do Republicans in general get away with this racism towards the president. You can make valid points critiquing the president but it's offensive when you use obvious flagrant phrases like shuck and jive, tar baby, or the infamous monkey cartoon involving the president. Or this whole Trump issue with the undercurrent of racism what other president was questioned about his birth certificate?

Not all Republicans are racist, but how do Republicans defend this behavior? I'm just curious, because many people at one point or another were going to elect Palin as the vice president, so does it concern anyone that people with such racist views stand on the Republican party platform so proudly. Wouldn't Republicans that aren't racist be ashamed by this, or is it just an accepted behavior of Republican leaders?
Does anyone else find it interesting that all of the people that claim that racism no longer exists or that no Republican is racist, or that anyone that has said these things listed above isn't racist are all Caucasian? Does anyone else see this as a conflict of interests?
Oh I guess this is just another example of how Republicans are just oh so respectful of the president. Here is a boycott in Florida. link But I'm just making this stuff up right, this doesn't REALLY happen, wake up people.


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  • The Republican party has come to represent the corporate elite, and these people are, predominantly, WASPS. They've always had an undercurrent of hostility to all other ethnic groups.

    Now, the Republican depend heavily on bloc voting from the South..and that means appealing to people who have never really accepted that they lost the Civil War, and that slavery is over.


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  • "Once you say 'racism', the other side loses automatically."

    It can be defended by saying that legitimate racists exists on all sides of the political spectrum. There are black racists, white racists, Hispanic racists, Asian racists, purple racists... Just because there are legitimate racists in any group does not mean the group is a racist group.

    Just because this president has African heritage does not mean I, and others, cannot criticize the man and what he has been doing. To *not* do so is to violate what Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of in his famous speech, "to judge a man based upon the content of his character." The Tea Party, Libertarians, Republicans, and many Independents in general have judged his actions based upon his merit and have found them lacking.

    He was questioned about his birth certificate because there was a chance he could have been born in a foreign country. Had his parents been from a "white" European country (someone like Schwarzenegger) and there was a question about it there would be much support for verifying that candidate as well. Has nothing to do with "race", has everything to do with "natural born citizen", which is a requirement by Constitutional Law to hold the office.

    However, many opposing views look at that opposition and deem it racist, because of his "race". It is amazing how quickly the Tea Party was labeled "Teabaggers", a derogatory term, and labeled "racists" based upon conjecture alone.

    Either you are a racist or you aren't. A real racist isn't bothered when you call them a racist. Do that to a person that isn't and it will bother them. It shuts them up. That is the exact reason why the Tea Party and Republicans are labeled "racist". I refer to the quote above made by Mr. Penn Jillette.

    I would seriously like to encourage you to watch the two following videos. No, I dare you to see if you can stand to spend the 20 miinutes or so and look at the other side.

    • Racist means one is part of the dominant ethnicity (what people call race) to the subdominant ethnicities (races). One CANNOT be 'racist' unless part of the dominant ethnicity.

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    • Furthermore, to suggest that I, in some way, have an inferior education to yours is another tactic to discredit my statements. It is no better than using the term "racist" to shut down and shut up those that you disagree with.

      99% of Conservatives/Tea Party people dislike Obama not due to the color of his skin, but rather his piss-poor policy decisions. Unemployment near 8%, net 4 year job growth of less than 400,000, $1 Trillion annual deficit spending, Benghazi, "Fast and Furious", etc.

    • We have our winner!

  • Not all republicans are racist, but all racists are republicans.

    Not all republicans are sexist, but all sexists are republicans.

    Not all republicans are homophobic, but all homophobes are republicans.

    If you can judge a person by his friends, then I sure as hell wouldn't vote republican.

    • It was the republicans that freed the blacks from slavery. It was people like Democrat Senator Robert Byrd who was the Chapter leader of the Ku Klux Klan. It was people like Al Gore's father who filibustered the Civil Rights Amendment. It was progressives like Margaret Sanger who wanted to exterminate the blacks in the United States under the sick cover of eugenics, then went on to found planned parenthood after Hilter's own experiment was uncovered. Yeah, those republicans are some bastards.

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    • Its just this, when a Democrat has proven that his/she is or was a racist he is given a pass based on the sole fact that he/she is a Democrat. But when a Republican dares to criticize the president then they are labeled a racist. Its completely absurd, they say that the words like "Chicago" among many others is racist... are you kidding me? This stupidity only diminishes the effect of real racism crimes in the world. I am sick of the race card being played illegitimately just to win an election.

    • In the examples I gave in the question, could you please point out one illegitimate claim. I would love some entertainment tonight. Shuckin and Jivin, and tar baby it up because those terms aren't the least bit racist. In fact the democratic party MAKES Republicans act foolish and racist just to get a lg up, is that your theory?

  • Are you kidding me?!?! The democrats constantly try to play the race card when they screw up something! They screwed up big time with Obama's Fast And Furious scandal but they try to change the conversation that everyone is racist. You are also paying higher gas prices because Obama voted down the keystone oil pipeline! More oil supply equals cheaper prices people!

    Obama wants to believe that green energy will save everything. Green energy does not produce anywhere near the amount of energy the USA needs thus commercial power companies don't use it for the bulk of their power production because they could not have enough "green energy" to supply our needs.

    Americans are being scammed like no other time in history and people are letting them get away with it! You are not racist if you call out someone on their screwups! The democratic party also plays class warfare all the time. They say its this peoples fault or that peoples fault. They will never admit that their the ones that have screwed up! The democrats are just as rich as the republicans and yet Obama wants to bullsh*t his way threw an election by running highly negative ads. If your judging a man by his character Obama is just another sleeze bag politician from Chicago! Yet the people of this country are going to vote for the guy that promises to give them everything for free (bullsh*t)! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH! Economics 101 . You can tax the rich at 100 percent and it still would not pay for the governments debit.

    Obama racked up the national debit to 16Trillion! Guess who is going to pay for that! You the poor and middle class! Obama will say he may go after the rich but the rich will always pass the cost down to you (they are in charge just like Obama) so if you want to attack the rich you are just asking for your own cost to go up! If Obama's policies are so great why are there people digging threw my trash dumpster collecting cans! Ask yourself what has Obama done politically to make my life better. People that vote for Obama the second time after knowing who this guy is are the same people that want to put a bandage on a broken leg and call it fixed! The problem is that to many people are to wound up on this he said she said bullsh*t and don't actually understand government policies that make you pay more at the pump for gas! Go ahead get mad at what I'm saying it. The truth hurts sometimes...

    • I agree with your point about policies, more people focus on the emotional aspects, and social issues than the actual policies. However, it still doesn't explain why it is OK for Republicans to say blatantly racist things. You conveniently forgot to answer the question. If I had asked why not to vote for Obama, your would get an A plus, but that wasn't the question, was it. So why is okay for "respectable" politicians to be blatantly racist to the President of the United States?

  • IT IS NOT INHERENT TO REPUBLICANS. It is inherent to those opposed to Obama - who, in this case, happen to be republicans. If Sarah Palin had become the VP, you'd be able to make a similar sexism argument against Democrats - "Democrats and Sexism" - just because they oppose HER.

    I didn't feel Romney was out of line in the second debate. I thought they were both equally embarrassing, but no one was worse than Biden during his debate.

    What do you mean by "get away with racism" - has ANYONE ever not gotten away with "racism" toward the president? It's free speech. Democrats who are racist are entitled to the same free speech. I think you're looking for a connection and that's why you found it. This is not exclusive to Republicans, but you would like to think so.

    Questioning Obama's legitimacy is not racism, by the way. There are rules, and questioning whether he meets the rules is totally okay. They aren't racist. How many Republicans go about questioning the legitimacy of every person of a certain race? Just because they do it to one person who happens to be black doesn't make them racist, although people love that drama too.

    • Are you serious, just because the ONE presidential candidate that the REpublican party choose to question on their birth certificate was black doesn't mean they are racist. Just a coincidence is that it? Or just because Republicans repeatedly say racist remarks doesn't mean they are racist, just a coincidence, they don't know any better. Biden wasn't out of line, and there is a certain respect for the PRESIDENT of the United States, but I guess that isn't so when there is a president of color.

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    • We are done. You just reiterated the same thing you've been saying. I got your point the first seven times. We are finished.

    • I'm sorry, sorry you are so very dense, goodnite.

  • Just because republicans dislike him and he happens to be black doesn't mean they're racist. There are many reasons to dislike Obama that have nothing to do with his color.

    • Did I say that all republicans or anyone fore that matter that hate Obama are racist, no. So please tell me why it is OK to call the president a tar baby, a monkey or that he is shuckin and jivin. Enlighten me.

    • thankyou! I dislike this prez just as much as bush but I'm tired of being called a racist because I don't agree with them. The DNC needs to stop pushing BS topics just like the GOP does! The 2 party system sucks! DNC needs to stop with the racist stuff and actually fix this country instead of calling people names!

  • Racism has become to sensitive, just to utter the world black can land you in prison. That isn't right. What we should worry about with republicans is their position on rape, now that is disgusting.

    • I agree with you on the racism comments. I can agree what Akin said about rape was wrong, it was a common misconception in the past but he should have known better as everyone should. Republicans have been vocal about saying that he is wrong and distancing themselves away from him. You should look at the punishments given to rapists from Republican judges compared to Democrat judges and you'll see who is tougher on rape.

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    • England has it wrong. A black mp here said all white people divide and conquer and got promoted. White people say black and get thrown in prison

    • well I would rather have a country like England where ,minorities lives have some sense of worth. It isn't fair for me to completely judge a country based on what I've heard and experienced during my short time there. Just like how you really can't say this or that about Americans since you are in England. I mean look at Travon Martin who was called a n*****, and shot dead at 17 but people still don't see it as racism in the least and even blame that he was wearing a hoodie I would prefer the UK

  • Oh yea you also have to ignore the fact that members of the DNC like to fall back on their statement that people are like hitler.

    I guess you don't believe in audio proof also...

    How do you defend the DNC's members lying and calling people hitler?

    • Excuse me? The Republicans called Obama when he was first elected, Hitler, Stalin, Socialist when all of those things clearly don't coincide. But again, I'm asking the question, not you. Next time you answer a question, don't forget the ANSWER part...don't waste my time.

  • how is any of that racist.

    There wear pictures of W being hung when he was president. People disagree, and they hate the other side and it has nothing to do with racism.

    You thing "shuck and Jive' is offensive and racist? YOu need to meet some real racists. Believe me. It'le curdle your milk

    • Who are you, and why do you decide what is and isn't racist? What do you know about racism. Please enlighten the minorities about what exactly racism is.

    • Racism:




      a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior or that a specific race is inferior to others.

  • Pretty much well said. This bit especially - "You can make valid points critiquing the president but it's offensive when you use obvious flagrant phrases like shuck and jive, tar baby, or the infamous monkey cartoon involving the president."

    But I don't like to talk too much about politics because it's just full of contradictions, paradoxes, chicken$hit and bull$hit, hypocrisies, oppression, bias, prejudice and ultimately it just makes me dizzy to even think about too much. Anyway for what it's worth, well said.

  • Allen West, an African-American Republican senator would disagree.


    • Uncle Toms and sellouts have been around forever. But when they don't agree with what the party says they are run out, ask Colin Powell.

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    • You know far more about talking points than I do you intellectually dishonest dumbf***

    • Keep crying racism, sexism, it's all bullsh*t. You have NO FACTS to back your arguments. You are pathetic.

  • No one takes trump seriously he is just a self promoter.

    • still, it's pretty messed up the amount of people that STILL think Obama is a foreigner. And then other Republicans defend it like it's still in question. Since when did being brown make you foreign?

    • You don't have to respect the president that is not a law

  • The only reason racism still exists today is as a tool for liberal politicians to get elected and as a card to be played when other excuses fail. I'm not a Republican but I can tell you that the primary reason they still have negative racial sentiments today is because they resent what I describe in my first sentence.

    Come on people, stop being tools. Stand up against people who unjustly play the race card and reject politicians who keep racism alive for their own political gain.

    Stop being tools!

    • So you are saying that racism no longer exists? Except for political gain, and that when people say tar baby and other racially charged things about the president they are just doing so to keep the political race machine going, is that it?

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    • You are such a silly billy did your mom let you use the computer this week and this is what you did? Your points are so silly they aren't even worth debating it's so ludicrous, but you get an A for effort maybe if you eat your Wheaties your little mind will someday grow into a big one. just silly

    • Yup, that's where the real racism is, trust me, the WASP knows what real racism is!

  • Well, if they are white, they may be once again oblivious to racial and ethnic problems that don't involve them and automatically think someone is pulling a "race card". Or they may self cetneredly suggest that all white Americans are simply being blamed for their lazy, bastard ancestors and there's no racism to worry about.

    Romney is a dumb ass. He comes from rich parents and he will f*** up this country. He doesn't understand poverty and struggle. I've heard nothing positive about his plans. I bet you if Obama had white skin, more people would be like "Well, Bush did f*** up this country for eight years, it's a lot to clean up. Give him a break"

    • Good Points, White privilege is just that a privilege, the privilege to now even acknowledge the existence of racism because they will never experience it. It's just frustrating from any perspective of a minority whether it's black, Asian, Hispanic, female any minority trying to convince a white male when something is racist. Because it is much much easier to turn a blind eye.

    • Yeah and here at GAG there are so many people obsessed with ranting and raving about their poor white people and "white guilt" that they aren't even giving a complete contribution to what you asked about

  • Does anyone else find it interesting that the people who still dwell on racism are either liberal politicians or their tools? Which are you?

  • Ironic how your update was racist towards Caucasians

    • How so? It's just common sense, it's like all non Jews saying that antisemitism doesn't exist anymore...-_-

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    • Again it's cute how you just call me a racist because I pointed out valid points about institutionalized racism. You can't handle the truth, so of course now I'm a racist, which by the way is impossible. Take a sociology course and educate yourself on the world around you. Because I am not the disgrace my darling you are, please go an educate yourself.

    • Also, you shouldn't comment on the state in which a country is in, when you don't even live in it. Just ignorance at it's finest.

  • Since when did this become Republicans ask Democrats.

    So much politics sh*t now..

  • Well to start with Donald Trump is just an old guy version of Kim Kardashian, marketing himself as a celebrity, that's how he made his fortune, and he will say anything to continue making it. The same thing goes for Sarah Palin and most of the other famous personalities on Foxnews. They're just selling thrilling jive to morons to make money. Even the right wingers that knowingly lie (the ones that pretend to debate) know this.

    Arguing politics with people that identify themselves as Republican is about as useful as arguing against a cult. You're either talking to a cult leader or to a cult member. Either way, it's useless.

  • Still projecting your own personal inadequacies onto a perceived racial paradigm?

  • We had a famous liberal politician in France, who for once was quite honest. His words were :

    "Among the people, there are 5% of clever persons, and 95% of idiots.

    Let's face it, in the 5%, about half are conservative, and half are liberal, and most of them don't vote.

    I won't waste my energy trying to get one half of these intelligent people to vote for me, by saying intelligent things.

    My whole effort is targeted towards idiots. So I say things that idiots might like. And it seems to work."

    It's all masquerade.

    Yes, republicans are racist. And democrats are too. They just don't say it. But both have a common point : they would sell their mother to get elected.

  • Well you will never find a black racist democrat so...

  • I'm so sick of politics...

  • I don think I'm racist :V

  • You approve of massive cuts in public education? You like seeing blacks, immigrants, gays, and women treated like scum? You support the destruction of labor unions which built this country's economy? You actually think that eliminating Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will be good for you and your descendents? You want to see guns being lawfully carried by angry, hormonal teenagers? You love seeing veterans come home from unending wars to no jobs, no homes, and no hope? You think that voting rights should be severely limited? You want contraception to be made illegal? You want this country to become an oligarchical theocracy? You approve of every school child being forced to read the Bible? You want to see your children live in a flooded, polluted world without ever laying eyes on any form of wildlife? You're gleefully enjoying the proliferation of hate and disrespect by Congress for our president? You enjoy eating food which has been poisoned and genetically engineered? You know and don't care that your elected representatives don't give one hoot for what the people want, instead for what their wealthy donors are demanding? You don't mind if Big Money is buying our elections, universities, school districts, and economic policies? And you believe every outrageous lie told on Fox? NEED I GO ON?

  • A comedian once said. " I'd never say all Republicans are racist but if a person is a racist their a Republican." Of course the vast majority of the Republicans problems with President Obama are because he's black. They think because they don't call him the N-word (at least in public) they're not racist.

    • That was Bill Maher! I love his show do you watch?

    • Yes, I do. I enjoy it very much. I just love how he goes after the Republicans.

  • Why don't you stop whining. You're probably just a reverse racist.

  • "I'm not racist, you're racist!" The cry of the racist.

  • It should be easy to figure out:

    1. The Republican party is the bastion of conservatism.

    2. Conservatism is the desire to hang on to the old ways and the good old days, insisting that tradition and dogma should rightfully trump reason and enlightenment.

    3. In the good old days, minorities and women knew their places. They didn't get uppity. They just did what they were told by the WASP Male elite.

    While I admit I'm deliberately being a bit sarcastic in my presentation here, the core of that is absolutely true. I don't understand why anyone is surprised by Republican racism, misogyny, or intolerance of any other flavor. They're simply living up to the definition of conservatism.

    • I see your point, but being from Massachusetts, I just don't really understand why people want to embrace that unless it is purely ignorance. I would hope that no all Republicans are racist but since Obama was elected it's just "slipping out" more and more. When I think most people acknowledge that racism is horrible I don't understand why this is acceptable practice in today's society. Just goes to show that just because we have a black president doesn't mean there is no longer racism. -_-

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    • You're the one who doesn't understand. Liberalism is about liberty, and is best represented by the libertarian philosophy in the modern American political landscape. What you've described as liberalism is socialism. What you've described as conservatism is liberalism. Modern American conservatives do not stand for personal responsibility and personal empowerment, they stand for selfishness, bigotry, willful ignorance, and arrogance.

    • Wow, you are one confused American! Yikes!

  • For one, it is possible for a person to disagree with him and not be racist.

    Also, a lot of people disrespected the previous administration. I do recall monkey cartoons about him as well. I always thought it was about how prominent his ears are and not his race or like the terms "a monkey could do it," which insinuates lack of intelligence.

    I'm not sure why some people are still stuck on the birth certificate type of things. It's a little too late to worry about that. Not even sure how it started.

    I'm a little biased on the "shuck and jive" thing. I actually say that somewhat often, but hasn't been about race at this point when I do.

    Keep in mind that just because this person says one thing and another something else, it doesn't mean they speak for everyone. It's typical for the sort that so strongly believe in their group and against another to feed into that though.

    I completely missed the "tar baby" thing. Who said that?

    • Bachman said that tar baby comment. I understand that people will disagree with Obama, no problem. But you seem to ignore the fact that there is this little thing called history, and certain words and phrases like shuck and jive is clearly a racist expression that most people don't use. If you choose to ignore the obvious racism in those phrases and monkey cartoons that is your choice. It seems like a lot of Republicans choose to bury their heads in the sand, like you are.

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    • It wasn't bias it's a mob file upload from my cousin in Jacksonville. All I'm saying is that if people attack the president on his political policy or what have you that is one thing. Everyone has that right, but when the presidency isn't respected look at people shouting liar and that Arizona governor yelling and sticking her finger in Obama's face. I think a lot of the criticism is valid I'm not saying it isn't. However, I do think that people are racist toward the president and find excuses

    • not to like him. I mean from the jump people have vowed to make Obama fail or be a one term president. No one vowed to do the same with Bush. Maybe it is just the way the parties are developing, I think the right has a lot more extremist than the right. Obama isn't that far left and has a lot of criticism from the left because he is really passive. So if people are that angry at a president who is calm and cool what is it that makes people so angry? I think race plays a part in this.

  • I'm so sick of Obama and racism being linked. Everyone assumes that because you don't want to vote for Obama that you're racist, or if you criticize him you're racist. People are ignorant. Obama has done nothing these past four years besides increase our debt, he's a disgrace to this country. I unfortunately feel like Obama might just win this election simply because of the fact that he's "black" and most African Americans are only voting for him because he's black, they don't watch debates, they don't research, they know nothing about either candidate but because Obama is black they vote for him. Ignorance. Thank God he only has one more term that he can serve.

    • I don't see anything wrong with what Donald Trump did. I applaud him. He's trying to find the answer to what millions of Americans are curious about. If Obama was smart he'd take the offer, 5 million dollars to ANY charity of his choice, if he has nothing to hide why doesn't he take this offer? Very fishy.

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    • The question asker needs to accept other opinions if she is to ask questions

    • Ha. I'm 19 actually. I'm curious to know how old you are though because like pingupassion said you can't even accept others opinions. I'm just telling what it's like in my area, I PERSONALLY know people who have told me they're voting for Obama simply because he's black, they know nothing about what he intends to do these next four years or anything. Now I'm done.

  • Most white racists are republicans, and most black racists are democrats. The difference is that racism against blacks in the republican party is denounced by most of the party, whereas racism against whites in the democratic party is the official policy.

    • regarding the update:

      What you are saying is that Caucasians (at least the ones that disagree with you) can't have a valid opinion on this subject because their race causes a "conflict of interest". How would you feel if someone said that blacks can't accurately spot racism because their race causes a "conflict of interest". Wouldn't you consider that racist?

      I guess that means you're actually a racist yourself.

  • Yeah the Demonratz are never prejudiced are they? Like the way they take for granted the black vote and the way they believe that all they have to do is offer handouts to the blacks because blacks aren't smart enough to fend for themselves?

    • Your answer wasn't racist at all. -_- lolz at Republicans, even in your defense of racism your say more racist things haha. It's like your can't control yourselves or you just don't know better.

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    • You can dislike him just because he's black, that would just make you a racist. And a person being lynched def. has racial ties. You are unbelievable.

    • Also the Republican that was Lincoln was a long long long time ago to even bring him up is irrelevant today. Everyone knows that there was a large shift in what Republicans and Democrats represent. The AA community stood behind the Republican party until FDR, also people don't target the black voters just like how they don't target voters in MA. Because of the electoral college the parties focus mainly on the swing states like NH and OH. If elections were majority rule it would b different

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