Facial features: preference for sharp or round traits (guys pls)

Do you like the round kinds of faces on women, with chubby cheeks and round eyes.. or do you like the more oval faces with more prominent cheekbones and slightly upwards turned eyes?

Describe the things you like in women's faces please (and I don't mean "blue eyes", but the shape and size of them)


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  • look chik us guys are able to see ANYTHING as hot period, we got diff tastes but that's it.

    i would love to meet a chick that looks like a movie start or model but that doesn't mean I won't bend over the cashier down the street if she was warm and willing.

    i would prefer a supermodel but that cashiers hot enough for me =D some dudes like swede norse looks, some asian, some like black some like arab some like em granny style =D us guys will find something hot in all you women eh

  • Soft faces, not chubby but soft. Like this: link

    Sharp angles are a turn-off to me.

    Like this one: link

    She got even sharper jawline than mine!


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