Why did my boyfriend put his head down when a guy stared at me?

we were in glasgow taking the kids to the cinima.

a guy on a bus was really REALLY staring at me I looked over at my boyfriend and he just put his head down?

i didn't want him to get all caveman about it lol.

was he insecure and just didn't know how to react?


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  • It's a lack of confidence I think. Maybe he wanted to do something, to "protect" his girlfriend from another guy, even if iit was just a stare. He may of even felt it was expected of him to say something, but he couldn't because he feels if it lead to something physical he wouldn't hold up. So, he could've put his head down as a feeling of failure, or maybe he pretending he never even saw it, so you didn't judge him for. Just an idea, may or may not be right...


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  • Maybe he was tired, had a sore neck, didn't notice the guy staring at you, ...

    Does there have to be a meaning to this?

    • we were standing at the traffic lights in busy glasgow wich means its anything up to 5 min waiting to cross.

      my boyfriend is bisexual and I felt un comfortable about the staring thing so to take the acwardness out I made a joke saying " is he looking at me or you"

      then as the bus moved on the guys looks got more intense and I looked at my boyfriend as he put his head down.

      we are in a new relationship so not sure about his usual reactions or level of confidance.

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    • Hm, well, I'm not a guy. But my advice would just be not to overthink things he does. Bad one to state this, since I do the same thing. It's kinda nervewrecking thinking like: oh he did this, is he mad at me or what does it mean?

      Best thing if you wanna know for sure is ask him. More like: hey, I noticed you seemed a bit off or down that time, what was wrong?

      Not like: you put your head down, tell me what it means

    • yeah I'm sure your right.

      i guess I just wanted him to feel proud not insecure.

      thanks x

  • When a guy shows interest in someone's S/O sometimes the guy doesn't know what to do. A lot of girls will just talk with the interested person and the boyfriend will think "He's obviously interested in her why won't she cut him off?" At the same time, a lot of girls enjoy watching their boyfriend get jealous but when the guy interferes there is a chance the girl will get mad at him.

    So he could have been worried that the guy was going to make a move on you and was unsure of how you were gonna react.

    • thanks most helpfull so far.

      the guy was on a passing bus we were at the traffic lights I would just hate it if he felt insecure at all.


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