How do you tell if you want them back or feel bad?

well I only broke up with my long term boyfriend four days ago, because he wanted to settle down young and get engaged and I want to travel and explore instead. I know that I made the right choice then but I'm finding it hard to figure out if I want him back because I 'love' him or because I miss him being around as my friend or if he is just wanting me to want him back because of how much he says he misses me..

how do you tell the difference? xxxx


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  • Ultimately, it doesn't matter. The two of you aren't compatible, so there's simply no point in getting back together. The problem that drove you to break up hasn't been resolved, and doesn't sound like it will be resolved, so breaking up was the right thing to do.

    Of course you're going to have some feelings about that; that's normal. Having feelings for someone isn't enough to solve a basic incompatibility like this, though, so you shouldn't get back together with him, regardless of "why" you want to.


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