Does it mean I don't love him anymore?! please help

Long story short;

So I've been married for nearly 3years but been with my husband prior to that for about 6. We have 3 kids together close in age. The relationship was great when it first started, but I feel like things just straight up changed. Not to mention it makes me a bit envious at times to see or know people around always doing better than us financially. It makes me sad. But he's a good guy and nice. Only thing I don't like at times is his perception on things. Mentally he don't go about situations in an adult like manner. So at times I feel people look at him like he's not stepping up as a man. Example something like not knowing what may be wrong with our car. He's very techy though. Also my ring isn't the biggest rock, but I like it somewhat. But because people sorta comment about it, it hurts me and honestly I don't even know why anymore (shame, or just caring what people say). A little confused... Why do I care how people may see things if I love him or am I in denial ? Advice ...


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  • you have become to judgmental because you are around judgmental people by the sounds of it, so remind yourself, he is the father of your children and the reason you married him was not because of the size of the rock he put on your finger, and if anyone has an opinion, let them know, he's perfect for you and ask them, but are you truly happy with your marriage? and walk away, when people know your happy with what you have, they won't judge you, but they will always think they are better than you, so it might be time to change your social circle and get new friends, because your fella has done nothing wrong, but your friends are going to damage what you have if you allow them, people would give their right arm to have what you have, so don't take it for granted,x

    • @stubbsy thanks a bunch! My social circle I'm referring to is my co-workers. Their all negative whores, inquisitive about my life and I'm just sick of it. They always have something to say. I go to work and do my job that's it. I think they speculate things because they don't really know much about me or my family. Not to mention my family is very judgemental. All of my sisters don't have to work, and have a guy that takes care of them.

    • It is quite easy to be flogged by someone elses opinion which clouds your own at times, so allow them to say what they like, just defend him as much as you think he deserves, and admit he is not perfect, but if all they want to do is put your fella down, then ask then to keep their opinions to themselves, and I am glad you realize that these people are just vindictive bitches, because friends really wouldn't do this to you. Keep your own opinion about your fella fresh, after all he's yours right,x

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  • Hey there!

    I have always thought that no matter what you do, people will find something to gossip about. Let them do so, but live your own life. Mind your relationship, try to refresh it. I am sure you love the guy, if you had three children from him

    • Yeah that's what I want to try to do. I just think overall things just changed but I'd love to try and fix things..!

  • I think that you just need to spice things up in your relationship. Financial situations shouldn't get in the way if you really care and love a person. You should be out looking for another job if it is such a downer in the relationship and not ramble on a social network site exploiting your problems to the world.

    • I have a job and go to school. My intentions wasn't to exploit my problems to the just because. I was doing so to get generalized opinions or to see if others have or had the same issues . I do want to look for a job but its what I need at the moment to make ends meet.

  • Life changes and peoples feelings change as will. You need to stop caring what people think and just worry about what you think and feel. If you like the ring then forget about what others say because its not about the ring or it its value its the thought that counts.

    • Thanks yeah I do need to stop caring but its also hard when I also got people around us doing better I feel like they look down on us, and that's why I feel my sisters or my family subliminally try to tell me like I can do better

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