Why do white women look so aged and worn out?

Any one else notice this? I'm not saying every white female or anything but at a young age they start looking older than usual and worn out by the time they are in college. I know that darker races have more melanin which acts as a natural sun block so darker races age more graceful but geez why do they have to age so quickly?

btw: this is no way is saying anything bad about white women. This is something I have noticed for awhile when I look at them


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  • This is VERY true. Black and Hispanic women age MUCH better than white women.


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  • Some of it's genetic, but a lot of "white" girls always want to be TAN, and so they end up cooking their skin. It's no problem when they're young, but all that skin damage starts being VERY obvious as they get a little older. That's the biggest reason.

    Girls who stay reasonably out of the sun tend to look much better for much longer.

    • Yeah I think that is a huge reason. I also think they start wearing makeup at an early age which contributes to it as well

  • I don't know...I'm 19 and I look like I'm 12. All the men and women in my family age well. I don't like looking so young right now, but I figure when I'm 45 and people tell me I look 38 or something, I'll be very pleased with myself.

    • There are exceptions. I didn't say all of them. There are people with great genes and you are lucky to have them

  • link

    Try harder.

    • im not trolling. This is the god's honest truth

  • Why do white women are the hottest and the most attractive of all women?

    Any one else notice this?

    • says the racist who hates anyone who isn't white lol

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    • You're just trolling and you're getting fed now... I don't even know why I started to argue with you in the first place.

      I answered your question. Face the truth.. or continue to live in bitter cynicism.

    • LOL yeah I'm trolling you completely caught me although its the truth. Go face your issues elsewhere and realize at the end of the day white women will look 40 when they are 25. have a good day!

  • tanning...not using sunblock and smoking ages skin the most. There's a reason I guess they say "black don't crack" it's pretty much true.

  • Under hydrated and lack of exercise and solid diet. This can be made worse with diet pills that are high in caffeine that makes dehydration worse.

  • I've never noticed this, and doubt its truth.

    • Its something I have always noticed since being in college and seeing girls at parties and in class.

  • Jealous much?

    I'm sure you'll block me now

    • I don't block anyone. Has nothing to do with jealously. The women here look aged. Its what I see with my own eyes. I have nothing against white people nor white women. I speaking on what I see myself and I'm not the only person who has noticed this in my group of friends (in person and on gag)

  • I can't say that I agree with the statement.


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