Guys, is this a bad sign?

there's this guy in my class who idk, he's talked to me once and seemed to be kinda interested and I was too but I've kind of messed up opportunities with guys in the past, we Haven't interacted at all since is that Because he just lost ./ doesn't have interest or would he like me to try and make a move now ? I've never been good at flirting and stuff so I just don't really know how the game goes ha ha thxx


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  • You can always make a move yourself, and every normal person translates lack of reciprocation as rejection - even girls, despite even if the real reason was shyness, social anxiety or something like that and not a a lack of interest.

    So, as I understand is - this guy has talked to you, seemed interest but you didn't hold the conversation, it all went to dead-end and he just disappeared?

    If you'll talk to him again it's 70% he'll reciprocate positively and 30% he'll reject you because he still might be spiteful after experiencing (perceived) rejection.

    Those are not real statistics, I took out those numbers out of thin air - simply just most of guys wouldn't let go a chance to make it happen with a girl they were interested in, or actually.. still are interested in.

    • id never spoken to him before and we were both alone in the library, and like he asked me if I took a class he takes it was some hard class I'm like yaaa absolutely like joking , it seemed to go well like he was basically smiling the entire time. it went well, or so I thought but I don't know since then we haven't made much eye contact like before, and like there hasn't really been a good time like that time for me to try talking to him :// we don't sit close in class or anything.

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    • umm, I'm kinda shy, what if I just said hey whatsup ? I don't know like we ve literally only spoken once , we're strangers I guess.

    • You can write that sentence on a paper in case if you forget before speaking: "Hey - wanna go for a coffee?" saying it shouldn't be THAT hard ;)

      You can open with just "What's up?" and then follow-up with something else. Everyone were strangers to each other at some point, only in this way people get to know others.

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