If a girl knows a guy likes him, but might not like him back. Do most girls still appreciate his effort?

I mean he's not creepy or anything. He's nice to her, that's it. Or do some girls actually think it's cute if they know a guy likes them?


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  • Yes, I would appreciate the things he does for me. I always appreciate when someone treats me well.

    As far as "cute," I mean I'd think it said something great about his personality if he was being extra nice to me, but it's not necessarily that I want guys to like me with no hope of me liking them back, because I've been in that position and it does kind of suck.


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  • It is always a flattering feeling to be liked. Humans crave the approval of other humans. And as long as you he's not a stalker... it's a nice feeling.

  • As long as he is sincere I feel flattered. I may not like him back but if a guy is extra nice to me it tends to make me smile. I think guys like the one you described are sweethearts.

  • Would appreciate knowing a girl you don't like, likes you?

    • In most cases, yes.

    • which cases would you not?

    • I am definitely not strict on attraction when appreciating the fact a girl I don't like likes me. I just don't like fat girls, not just because they are unattractive, but it shows that they are lazy or spend too much money on food. If it's a hot girl that's a b****, well the probably won't like me at the first place. I won't regard them seriously either. But if a fat girl is trying hard to lose weight, then they will be in the appreciate category.

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