Puppeteer Kevin Clash resigns from Sesame Street, what are your thoughts?

I never read the article or anything, but from what I heard

on the news. Somebody brought up sex allegations against

him, saying that he had sex with a minor. But, then they

recanted it and now in light of those allegations he feels

it's best if he resigns, so what do you think? And, what

will happen to Elmo? Since he was the puppeteer for him.

Personally, I just think in general it's VERY wrong when

people bring up sex allegations that they know aren't

true, because then when somebody is telling the truth

no body believes them. Why do people make stuff

up like this? And, just so I can be well informed were

these allegations against him true or not? Thank you : )


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  • I think it's pretty sh*tty.

    Aside from just being falsely accused, he got outed as a gay man. I'd imagine he's resigning because he doesn't want to deal with the inevitable wrath of conservative/religious organizations coming down on him for being gay while voicing a children's character.

    It's just a shame, really.


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  • From what I gather, the guy who he allegedly had sex with took it back, said it was consentual, but then a few days later it came out that they paid him off to say that, and now he's feeling sh*tty about it because it actually DID happen. Stick to your story tbh.

    I don't know what to think anymore, honestly.

  • When the dirty sins and greedy hands of morons finally managed to weasel their way into Sesame Street, you know something is wrong with the world.


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