People that knows what hydrogenated oils are and still consume it?

If you know what it is, why still have it in your diet? It's a big no-no. This should be avoided at all costs. Everything you do for your health is expunged once you consume this!

I cannot believe anon comented saying he laughed that I am trying to scare people about hydrogenation! Then he goes on saying he studied chemistry! If you studied chemistry, you would know what the hell I am talking about!


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  • I'm about to sound stupid but what exactly do they do to you? I'm trying to be healthier, could you enlighten me please? :)

    • They come in most process foods. Technically when you eat anything the main purpose is for active enzymes to nourish the cells in your body. Hydrogenated oils were once normal oils that have been heated to about 900 degrees and then stuck with a toxic metallic alloyed(usually nickel), that binds hydrogen atoms to it's compound post. This makes the food your eating have more shelf life. Technically because it's a dead food that has no active enzymes. When you eat this substance it reverses the

    • the main purpose function of your cells. Your cells needs to be nourished with nutrients, the expunge its waist. Healthy fats guides these processes and keeps pathogens and toxins from entering the cells. When you eat hydrogenated oils, it prevents your cells from being nourished by nutrients, stops the cell from eliminating waist, and allows pathogens and toxins to enter the cells in your body!

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  • So...what's the question?

    • I'll inform somebody of the hazards of this substance, and just don't understand why they would still consume it, yet they would be stuffing they're face with fish oils, vitamins, mineral supplements; which means nothing when you eat this garbage!

    • Unfortunately, you really didn't elaborate on the hazards. Just proclaiming something as bad is not very convincing... just saying.

    • I wrote it on one of the comments, you just have to scroll down and read!

  • IDK but people know smoking kills and they don't care. (That's just one example)

    Most prefer satisfaction over health, that's what I think... when it comes to mostly anything!

    • Your absolutely right. I would avoid people eating these types of foods. Its all about quality of life and lets face it, the people that eat these type of things(because technically your body does not recognize it as food) aren't usually in a good mood!

  • People see gory bodies on TV and still speed, see blackened lungs and still smoke, see trembling addicts and still smoke meth and shoot heroin.

    Not everyone makes the right choices -- the "bad" choices usually give a bigger chemical payoff in the brain, at least short term. It's always a struggle.

    Also, a lot of people don't read labels. The food industry is also in a constant struggle against doing what is cheap and addictive and consumers finding what's healthiest.

    • So you referring to the level of stupidity of a person that just doesn't get the point? If you were told to start walking with crutches or you will loose a leg; would you continue walking with out crutches?

    • Some"understand" logically ... but logic doesn't drive many human behaviors, is what I'm saying. I'm sure that even you have an area of your life where you struggle to make logical decisions instead of the emotional or reward driven ones. It might not be food consumption, though. Most people have a different area.

    • I don't do good with women, and I have no logic when it comes to that; that is the only thing that has a negative effect on my health, but I have no control over that. Your right though, I will never understand why people live the way that they do. It's all about quality of life.

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  • No vegetable oils for me. Coconut oil, butter, and olive oil is the only thing allowed.

    • Are you paleo friendly?

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    • Are those claims proven, or just theory? I could be wrong, but to me it's not natural to the core of our biology. If you strip away all the tools. We would be no differant than primates, in fact, even weaker and less adept to hunting. How would have we even caught it? The only meat would have been insects, and the some slow animals, or each other. Either we I have evolved to eat meat from not needing it, or addapted to hunting it easier because we needed it.

    • Last time I checked, we evolve from cro magnom, which was a definite hunter! No one really knows the origins of humans, but paleo stand for the Paleolithic Era, which means hunter gatherer. That's the era where we started developing real intelligence. Your brain is made out of 100% fat, excluding it from your diet will give you a hard time to think!

  • so I've taken plenty of chemistry & biology and just had to laugh at this & your commentary to scare people about hydrogen.

    did you know these scary facts about dihydrogen monoxide

    -its also known as hydric acid, and is the major component of acid rain.

    -contributes to the Greenhouse Effect.

    -may cause severe burns.

    -contributes to the erosion of our natural landscape.

    -accelerates corrosion and rusting of many metals.

    -may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of automobile brakes.

    -has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients

    • It just shows how unnatural substances have a hug impact on the way we live!

    • Wow, you do realize he's talking about water, right...

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