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She left me because she wanted to be on her own?

Hi there I'm in desperate need of some guidance because I am having severe anxiety after a break up. I am 19 and the amazing girl I was dating is 18 and a senior in high school. We dated for a little over a year and a half and we had a great relationship and made each other so happy and I seriously couldn't imagine myself being closer to someone like I felt with her. I viewed her as close to perfect as you can get and she was so beautiful and made me extremely happy I am so in love with her, her life, her morals, her family. She was such a good girlfriend to me and I already had major insecurities from a past relationship but I trusted fully. Out of no where and I mean no where right after she turned 18 I could feel something was off, which eventually led to her saying this to me..."I'm so sorry? but I really need to do this it's not getting better I can tell and it's my fault I'm different I know I'm sorry I don't mean to be I just keep thinking that this is what I need to do be on my own for a while and let you find yourself too cause you've changed also, I love you and that won't ever change and I'm not going to shut you out this definitely isn't goodbye for me. Please respect my decision and know that it's not at all because I don't love you, it's just what I need to do please just trust me"

And to say I feel hurt would be an understatement... It's been 5 days now since we've talked and It's literally the most continuous pain I've ever felt. It has consumed every second of my day and has never left my mind I've slept 3 hours in the past 5 days and when I shut my eyes I wake up sweating to death crying because of the nightmares, everything I eat I want to throw up, nothing feels right and absolutely everything reminds me of her anything you could think of I see her face.. I don't know what to do I love her so much. And on top of everything I found out that 2 days after we broke up she talked to a kid that I always didn't like because I had a weird feeling about him on the phone for two hours. Apparently crying over me and she "needed someone there" but I don't understand out of all people it had to be him( she has plenty of friends and he really knows nothing about relationships) this has continued and I feel lied to by her and I never thought she was that girl, nobody does.. Why is she doing this? What can I do? Do I talk to her or let her come to me even though its been 5 days? I was so good to her, why is she wanting this? Will she come back? What is the best way to play the situation because I really miss her and just a hug or even a text from her would mean the world to me right now. She's everything to me :( I hate this
She left me because she wanted to be on her own?
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