Email from an ex ... does it mean anything?

So in brief ... we met in 2005, dated a year went through a load of stuff, broke up and where then off and on in both England and America until 2010.

We remained in contact until summer 2010 and then in February 2011 he told me that he had a girlfriend. I didn't handle it great, miss belled him and then wrote him a 'love email' He replied and told me that he is in a relationship, that he thinks I am beautiful and that I will meet the man of my dream, and that if anything changed i.e. him living in another country, he would give me a call.

We where then in contact off and on and this was always instigated by me. In the past I have always started contact.

I continued to try an get over him and struggled, so in November 2012 I wrote him a letter telling him that I was considering moving to Asia (our dream) and that if he still had feelings for me now is the time to say. I also said that if he still had feelings/ wanted to be back in contact to let me know, but that if he did not then to NOT contact me as I would only look to much into it.

then yesterday I received an email, it simply wished me a merry Christmas, 'where ever you are in the world' and then had a reindeer card thing attached. I replied, with the same sentiment, and he replied saying thanks ... is he just being polite? Keeping the door open? Or more?


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  • More like this "God Bless you in you adventures. You are a wonderful woman and I want you to know how much I respect you as a person. Good luck and stay in touch."

    He has a new life take time to accept him as a friend and move on. Send him some nice post cards from China.


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