I can't understand him, it sucks , need your help guys

i knew that boy from like 6 month but we actually have been talking for like just a month , I got a crush on him I don't know if he did the same then he added me on FB we didn't really got to know each other so well but suddenly the way he was talking with me changed he didn't call then I knew there was a girl she is not that easy type girl I mean she's just mean and she is older than him , has a daughter and divorced , after our graduation party I removed him from FB because I was just didn't care anymore I wasn't thinkin about him and that girl deactivated her FB account , after I removed him he sent me a message said hope your OK and thanks for remove I ignored him because he did ignore me before and that as on of the reasons why I removed him , then after that like over a month he called me from unknown number , was telling me why did you remove me , I want to start over with you and how he couldn't look me in the eyes at our graduation party (which I don't understand that girl was staring at me and some of our mutual friends and some other guy I didn't know but I think he was his brother) and that he's sorry ...

4 or 5 days passed then he called me again said why didn't you call me , ask about me and that he wants to see me then he added me again on FB , he tried a lot then I saw him at a cafe :S I forgot everything he did to me and I feel maybe I'll fall for him again .

he doesn't wanna tell me why exactly he came back again , he was saying we were friends ( close friends ) but we weren't even close .

but at the cafe he was asking if I had a boyfriend before and if I got closer to anyone from college and if I'm thinking about to get engaged and sometimes he was just saying yeah we're friends...

i'm done , I was happy before he came back I wasn't thinking about him , now I keep thinking what does he want from me .

he is a handsome guy and he's from a high class family , my family is good I mean I get everything I want , sometimes I say maybe he just wants to be just friends ( I asked him do you still know people back from the college he said no , you know they don't last) I'm beautiful but I don't feel it , I keep thinking that he knows a lot of girls why would he be interested.



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  • A tip... use more commas.

    Better to have a friend than to have nothing right, if he's interested in you as friend, why not be his friend, and if it's something else and you want it too, well give it a chance.

    When you care for a girl, the looks doesn't matter anymore.


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