What does this mean??

so this boy I like sent me his first <3 to me on Christmas eve and has ever since, he message me back on twitter replying to something I said and then messaged me before I replied saying "you should toats phone me around midnight tomorrow haha!:O <3

we are having to use Twitter messenger as he has no credit.


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  • What does toats mean? Some kind of slang?

    Guys are pretty easy about these things. If he is making a joke then it is just a joke, nothing behind it. If he was after you then you would know it by now.

    • toats mean totally!

      he also said he would give my his blanket because I didn't get on for Christmas and I took it as a joke but he said he wasn't joking he's never said anything like that before

      Also never sent an x back to me when I sent him one when we first stated texting few monyjs ago so I left it at that but now he has suddenly started using <3 and my name more in texts and he calls me by a nickname as well sometimes, what does this mean?

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    • About phoning, be yourself. Don't be someone you are not but if you want to hang out with him then say so. Make a date over the phone with him. Don't be shy about making that move first. Most of the women I have been with have asked me out first. Nothing wrong with asking. If he says no then there is something wrong with him! :P

      Best of luck!

      (Oh and when you know him better you could buy him some credit :P )

    • I am myself with him which I usually am not with other boys:) I'm almost 15 and he's just 17 so haven't been out with anyone properly, I'm shy! I know him well I think, know lots about each other considering only know each other a few months, he lives on his own because of persobal reasons and my dad and stepmum don't like me talking to him although they don't know much!

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