Why is it that the ony way a girl can be "cool" these days is if she...

has her hair dyed a bright color

plays an instrument (like the drums or guitar or sometin)

is a gamer

wears no makeup but if she does it goes along with her badass look

I always hear guys saying this is their dream girl these days. why do guys only consider these girls to be "cool" and ignore other girls who fall out of the catigory?

what about a girl who is unique, funny, smart, athletic, not afraid to speak her mind, enjoys deep conversations etc?, and why are they not considered cool anymore?

And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you do. How many times do you wish or do see a girl in bright hair with a cool band t shirt or perhaps a vgame t shirt and you're like hey she's cool I want to be her friend. And then you see people who you can't tell if they're cool or not and don't even bother with them... Oh yeah and I forgot to mention her fav genre of music is hard rock


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  • i guess you are taking it too seriously. everyone has a different personality traits. I personally look very shy and conservative but in reality I am very outgoing, am very friendly, I love whiskey(I am told not many girls enjoy it), I love playing video games. but at the same time I am very intellectual and love deep covos. so I have diverse personality traits and my boyfriend says he hates me for this because he find me very confusing... but other people like me... so it depends entirely on person to person.

    • Sorry o forgot to say I was talking about initial attraction to want to be friends with somebody or more, and the tendency for people to categorize in this fashion regardless of how they reeally are if that makes sense

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    • true.. Honestly I don't think my boyfriend would have given me the light of day if he wasn't so physically attracted to me lol

    • *Initially of-course

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  • a girl who is unique, funny, smart, athletic, not afraid to speak her mind, enjoys deep conversations etc

    is cool indeed since not many girls are like that.

    • Well that's like me and I've never been called cool, I'm called gorgeous by guys and always underestimate my smarts.. Then I disprove them wahaha. I'm always hear my boyfriend say girls like I described above are so cool and just looking at their style he wants to be their friend. Just because you like those things and look like that have nothing to do with your personality :/

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    • if thts how you think,then you really shouldn't be bothered bout changing your looks or appearances to what you boyfriend likes

    • Idk I've never thought of changing myself like that its just when love is involved I get so irrational.. Sometimes I feel my uniqueness has made me miss out on opportunities to make more connections in my life making me less relatable not to mention I'm quite quiet with random people lol but now I'm off topic I tend to be a little ADHD lol

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  • I've never heard this before, this is new to me.

    • you always see pics on Facebook such as a gamer girl and it says "kids this is how I met your mother" with thousands of likes and you hear guy say oh I want a girlfriend who wears no makeup etc etc etc

  • I am one of these girls. Not because of the trend but because slowly over time it just happened. I don't believe I get a lot of attention because of my looks. I dye my hair because I like being different, I like video games because I grew up with them and I wear no make up because I don't sew the need to hide behind it. My clothing suits my body and skin tones and I like heavy rock because its what I grew up with. I can't help who I am. I like me this way and a lot of the time I get the attention I do, because I am confident. Simple. I think you will find it isn't the look of someone that draws attention it is how well they pull it off.

    • Well lucky you, you're the kind that is high in demand these days..

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