How Can I Remove my Reality Check? Thanks for the Rating of 5.7, LMAO!

How humiliating. Does anyone know how to get the heck off of Reality Check/will you date me? Who are 'others' listed under voter - if it's not a man nor woman voting as indicated? And why am I more popular with them? (Falling over laughing)

I wasn't fishing for compliments (although, thank you, nevertheless) or sublte INSULTS I was trying to find out how to get off of there - and who the hell are 'OTHERS' the majority that voted for me. Kayyyyy, anonymous guys who can't face me?
And you if you wanna truck insulting me biyoches put your freaking pictures up, not the fake ones you use, hos.
I'm 100 percent pissed, no sarcasm. Insult me when I ask for a freaking way to get off of Reality Check and I was just joking.


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  • I wouldn't date you but I would f*ck you.

    • Yeah, well let's see the merchandise, baby. Anyway, I'm over this bullsh*! I don't think I'm a 10 but In don't think I'm a freaking 5. whatever...

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    • I ruin them for every woman, tru dat, I'm not taking requests...thank you, you got that right on the money. I was jokin' about the 300k, when I'm not really mad AT YOU, I'm sh*t talkin.

    • LOL, he made us all laff, had to...took the edge off. BA for him! TY for all the kind people that said nice things, sorry if I got mean, some of the time I was just explaining WHY I was mad, not yelling at you if you were nice originallly.

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  • I don't want to hear it from you dammit. My reality rating is even worse! I don't care what people rate you as, at least you would still get attention from men, some would even jump you for intimacy right now! The most I ever get from women is, "Nice guy but not my type!"

    I would consider you quality material. Only a question if we are compatible. Hmm, let's see...Nevada isn't too bad a flight(hint, hint).

    • I don't care, my point is I was trying to freaking ask how to remove the reality check then I had this question up here, and asked a young man how to remove this question, you can't delete questions. I've explained it over and over. Thanks archer86. I'm just a person , I'm not average, though, bottom-line. I have been photographers model for too long for all different mediums. The age thing is an excuse for them to rip me.

    • I'm too intense for most people, I will give them that, lol. So only the very patient and STRONG could meet up with me.

  • im detecting a basket load of crazy here... what did you expect for a rating as a 40 ish woman on a site comprised of mostly teenyboppers and young 20 somethings..?!

    SURPRISE! your sexiness prime was 20 years ago!

    besides 5.7 is above average what is wrong with that? most women will be about a 5 despite the fact they all think they are more like a 7.5

    • Not true. We all know plenty of women in their 40's who are hotter than their teen daughters!

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    • telling me your over it is an act of not being over it.

      its not a typo but you did jut show me that you have no idea what I'm talking about.

    • Touche' - we have a winner. Don't you have a WarCraft battle to fight now? I'm not interested in you or your comments, sir. Please take your leave. You're obviously.

  • You only got 5.7? Hmmm, that's too low if you ask me. You seem pretty cool (you've answered a few of my anonymous questions so you came across as a nice person in your answers) and you're a good looking lady. I would have definitely given you at least a 7.5/8.

    At least people checked your Reality Check. I created one and nobody has viewed it haha. Not that I mind, just saying that your situation could be a lot worse lol. Don't stress too much about it. It's only a website after all.

    • Thanks Dylan, I was just asking how to delete Reality Check and was wondering who the 'Others' were that were listed as voting - that were 'besides men and women' - that's why I was laffing. I was joking about the whole thing, then they started in trying to give subtle insults, pushing these ratings, picking me apart like a dog breed, I didn't just get off the boat.

  • I went to check out your reality check but it was deleted. I guess you have your answer. Nice eyes by the way. I'm a sucker for blue.

    • TY, see what I wrote Dylan above. That's why I got so mad, they weren't perceiving the purpose of my question properly and then off to the races.

  • YOLO! Time to get cray dawg.

  • 7.5/10

    • Ty, Janson, a gentleman, as ALWAYS. Unlike a couple of freakshows on here.

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    • Whoa..i haven't received this many downvotes on gag since I said I believed in capitalism xD

      Oh, And no worries

    • believe in the Russian Mob, that might bring my rating up, lol.

  • Click reality check to the right and hit remove.

    • I will try, thank you.

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    • You call yourself Koldhearted, I don't think so! lol. TY.

    • :)

      Just a name I've used for forever. Y.W

  • I don't think you look pretty good. Of course I am older than you rather than younger and you evidently took your Reality check down? You seem like an interesting gal. I would certainly accept a Friend Request from you.

    • You don't think I look pretty good? All righty, then :). I'm souring on this site and friends, due to the anonymity factor to be able to say whatever you want and hide, while I don't hide, and guys getting weird on my 'chat' - different channel. Thanks for the offer and the compliments.

    • I am sorry..that was a typo..I meant to say I thought you DID look pretty good..not sure what happened..I usually screw up the other way..oh well...guess we will never be friends now..o.O

    • No worries. I don't like this site, I'm gonna delete m page after some friends on here read my messages to them. Have a good one!

  • wow girl you have deep issues. I read below and you attack almost everybody, even guys who were being neutral and cool. It's easy to figure out you are a drama queen.

    • Awww, really? I need to go into the fetal position and try to recover from what you just said. LOL. Yeah, I'm a drama queen, so what? I like it...if you don't, change the channel!

    • Sure, bye.

    • Where you going? To see LeMiz at the theatre?

  • I think you are an 8 or 8.5 and considering your age I would say a 9.5. You look awesome for your age. Do not let the haters bother you.

    • I don't let it bother me, I'm disgusted by the cowardice when they don't back it up. It's not a fair playing field. Some stupid ass biyoch telling me 'your old enuff to be my mother'...we knew THAT little play was coming, didn't we. I don't have to grow up, that doesn't have anything to do with it, I lived this attitude, it's who I am. I'm a -500, cool dat. Let's call International Vogue and tell them that...Valentina.

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    • You blew me away, I am at a loss for words.

    • No, @mildly original, your lengthy treatise picking me apart: age equals worth versus symmetry of face and my hair style issue and half and third percentage points. As I may reiterate 'ad nauseum', as we all know, was that I didn't enter an animal breeding contest or the movie 'Best in Show' when I asked the original question. No one likes being picked apart even if it's dispassionately, it makes people feel objectified and defensive. No one is putting there real photo up for me to do so.

  • You can click under the reality check tab and there should be a red x delete button there that says remove.

    5 is average. 5.7 is slightly above average. Given the fact you're 42 on a website dominated by the 25 and under crowd, I don't see why you'd be humiliated. I mean if you were getting like 2's and such, then yeah, that would kind of suck. But still, you look like you're in good shape, no facial features that make you look odd or asymmetric or anything. The hair style is probably what really bumps you down for me at least. It's a personal preference thing though, long hair is very feminine and so many guys find long hair attractive. I would probably put you into the 6 range. Above average, but like I said, the hair style probably knocks you down from a 7 for me.

    I wouldn't take it to heart though, I find attraction is majorly in mannerism which is very hard to portray via pictures. Take Rachel McAdams for example. By picture, she's a solid 8, but her mannerism and such definitely bump her right up to a 10. So don't worry about it too much, especially not the people commenting. People LOOOOVE to troll.

    • Since you have possibly David Duchovny up as your avatar, that would bump you down to something in reality for me since you're hiding. I don't CARE what range you would put me in, thanks for the six, Adonis. You're passive-aggressive and looking for the power to judge and be in control anonymously. I didn't come here to be on a dating site or a rating site, I did the reality check for a couple of days, didn't understand the 'others' (comprising others besides the human race) and was JOKING.

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    • "How in the HELL have I 'projected' passive-aggressive activity here?" you say in response to me detailing how you projected passive-aggressive activity here... well... I'm done here. This is a job best left to the mental health professionals.

    • Yes, this job is best left to the mental health professional you're working with and the 'have to have the last word club' you belong to. You're obviously a brilliant, gorgeous, successful man who is so misunderstood...I'm humbled. I'm a woman of low intellect, I just don't get it, I know.

  • Gave you a 10. My kinda girl.

    • I know you weren't fishing.

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    • She is one of the insecure little hos at whom the thread linked below is directed. Very sad and insecure and needs to make others feel small like herself.


    • Oh boy, I can't wait to read. I'm trying to roll back my mean right now. lol! TY

  • All of your profile pictures look better than the other you put up. No offense of course.

    And considering 5 is average, is it really that bad of a rating?

    • Ummm, thanks, and I think my avatar is cute. And, yes, 5 freaking SUCKS. And you're being a smart ass in an attempted subtle manner. I wasn't asking to be on American Cougar Idol.

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    • You're not the most stable person.

    • Wow, I'm so hurt, is there some way I can get your approval back? Your not the most interesting one, or witty one, your so out of the loop on what's cool it's pathetic. Get lost. Moron.

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  • I don't see a reality check for you on here maybe you removed it after all?

    I'm not good at rating people anyway. I feel it not right to give people numbers. lol

    Like on what base should I rate them? I don't know.. ^-^

    You look beautiful though, girl. Don't be mad! ^_^

    Out of curiosity, are you a gangster? xD

    • Thanks sweet angel! I was a gangsta girl in the was a back up dancer for this rapper in Oakland, lol! I was around it a lot! My point is, I wasn't entering an animal breeding contest when I asked this question - people rating my age worth, the symmetry of my features, my hair length/color, etc. like this is a dog show! I know they were trying to pull me down, let's say that. Average is a lady who is plain. We all know it.

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    • I am just playing with the ugly...trying to be humorous. I know people have different preferences. There are several guys that think I'm great, and all sorts of guys who don't look or ask me out. None of us need to hear 'his rating for why he didn't want you'. Claiming 'I'm just telling the truth, being objective'. No one likes that stuff, esp. women. TY honey.

    • You're more than welcome, dear! :)

  • I think you're a 7.8/10

    Not that my suggestions matter but if your hair were black, it'd bring out your fair skin and blue eyes and you'd be gorgeous

    • I agree with this. A 5 would be average, but the average 46 year old doesn't look nearly as good, so I think she's more in the 7 area

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    • The quotation "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act III, scene II, where it is spoken by Queen Gertrude, Hamlet's mother. The phrase has come to mean that one can "insist so passionately about something not being true that people suspect the opposite of what one is saying."[1]

    • To justme20 - somehow I thought you were a guy and didn't register your name as pink, I don't know why, I was fielding a lot of answers on my question. So, part of how I posed this to you was for that reason. On my profile I tried to explain I wasn't aware of this huge age differential on here, mostly your age when I put myself into the rigors of Reality Check, will you date me). I thought the number rating was how many guys would bother to date me. Then I started getting rated on looks here.

  • 5.7 looks about right. That's a little bit above average. Why are you upset?

    • Where's your picture, sweetie? I want to rate it. Guarantee it's wayyy below average.

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    • girl get over yourself. You are old enough to be my mother. Grow up please

    • Your a troll little scag.