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Ex-addict getting heatly again

I was addicted to cocaine (crack and powder), meth, alcohol and marijuana and ecstasy, LSD starting when I was 15-32 years of age. I was homeless and thin as a rail due to no appetite. I was also suicidal. I met someone special and through will power alone I managed to kick it all. I have been sober (unhealthily) for almost 13 years. I went from 130# at 5'11" up to 290 pounds. I have high blood pressure, am quiting a pack a day smoking habit due to not being able to breathe well (shallow breathing only). I suffer from self confidence problems, anxiety and depression, not to mention I am embarrassed to strip or shower or exercise in front of strangers and can not afford a gym membership anyways (although if I could I would like to believe that I would work out). I am trying to find out what vitamins I should be taking to help counter act the damage I have done from an atrocious diet of junk food, drugs and alcohol. Also what exercises are the best to help reduce my weight.

Here is what I look like. link
Ex-addict getting heatly again
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