Lately, my ex has been contacting me on quite regular basis..

and last night he asked me if I am troubled with him contacting me.. what does that mean?


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  • He's getting the impression that you might not be that keen to hear from him, so he's confronting it head on.


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  • The definition varies but in filtered sense, it means the moment he contacts you, does it disturb or hinder your emotions and days. Basically, he still likes you and wants to know whether you like him.

    Good Luck

    -Nicholas Halden

  • here's my question are you? Is the conversation between you and him awkward when he calls? if so I'm sure he's picked up on it and like the Anonymous user said he's just confronting it head on.

    • i think that might be not the case.. we always had fun conversation and that night was one too. he laughed a lot and shares so many stories with me.. I never felt troubled with him calling because I still have a little spark for him though..

    • Or on the other hand he could be asking in general. Did the relationship between you and him end on good terms? if it didn't but you two are still cool enough to have conversation 'I' would think he's just being on the safe side and making sure your okay with talking to him.

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