It seems fishy now that Hillary Clinton is testifying on 1/23?

The Benghazi attack and how it was handled was a major black mark to the Obama administration. Testimony about the incident was one piece of influencing the recent election, and Hillary Clinton ironically couldn't testify due to concussion symptoms. Now Obama has been re-elected and she will testify in front of Congress on the 23rd? Interesting that now she will just miraculously remember everything from that incident, and Obama won re-election. Does anyone else think this was staged and the wool is being pulled over our eyes?


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  • It's staged.


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  • A bigger deal is made out of this than it is.

    The diplomatic mission in Benghazi knew about the possible threat, had the abilities to stop them, but the embassy security personnel were slacking on the job. They weren't following protocol, they didn't do the necessary procedures and in the end they paid for it.

    End of story.