What does it mean if a girl says the reason she changed her feelings of love for you is she changed

I was with her but not really entirely as her boyfriend and she loved me but we were distant physically and she started dating other guys and felt bad about feeling guilty over it and never returned to me again. She never gave me real explanations of why she left. If she only says "i changed" what does that mean ? I tried to ask her what is it that changed that made her not love me that way and she would not tell me. I know she has fears of commitment so she might not like how I love her and how she could hurt me but I keep wondering if there is more to it than that. I would like to figure this out so I can fix in myself what might have been wrong because me and her do have good chemistry I swear we do and we both accept each other entirely and she finds me attractive so I don't understand.


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  • 1) She likes someone else.

    2) Your true colors are finally showing. They might not be bad, and they probably aren't, but maybe she just doesn't like them.

    3) She feels like she's too mature for you.

    4) She is immature herself or needs time to get used to commitment.

    5) She wants to see other people for the sake of seeing people before settling down with one person because she feels like she's depriving herself or settling for one relationship when she could find a "better" one or even just a new experience.

    6) Sometimes, people can get sick of each other after spending too much time together. Maybe she'll miss you, maybe she won't.

    7) Maybe you're either a) a doormat or b) too cold to her.

    8) If you like Nickelback, that can also be a deal breaker.


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  • She changed.

    People grow, and when that happens, what they want out of life, what they want in a partner, and the sort of relationship they're looking for, also changes.

    What she's looking for is no longer you. That's not an insult, it's just picking up two puzzle pieces that don't fit anymore.

    Break-up's hurt, but if she feels you're not what she needs anymore, then breaking-up is the only option she had. I'm sorry for you hurt, but it's time to realize this girl wasn't for you and start healing.

  • similar situation with me and my ex, we met in high school and I was so young then and a completely different person, a big part of that change was I started thinking about what kind of life I wanted, do I want a family? What kind of example would I be for my kid? I also never knew what my interests were during high school, besides weed and music. lol,I started becoming really passionate about other things and finding my calling in life... I also dove deep into religion, spirituality, meditation... I was evolving so much, and I wasn't seeing him doing the same, or embarrassing my new self. It could have also been in my head...Like I changed my hair style and I thought he didn't like it because when he fell for me I looked a certain way, but I think that just means the relationship wasn't solid to begin with.

  • she is not interested.

    you don't need an explanation, find a better one who's suited to you.

    she could explain but she doesn't want to or can't figure out what to say.

    sounds like she's into someone else.

    figure yourself out first and a relationship depends on two people.

    if one is going one way, the other is in another, it won't work out.

    just understand, some things are best to be forgotten and not to understand.

    I'm glad I didn't want an explanation for being treated like crap from one of my ex's, I just cut them out of my life and took the first step forward.


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  • She probably just wanted to ;play the field',and there is nothing wrong with you.

    She didn't want to tell you that; she felt a little ashamed of herself for being shallow; so she used this ;I changed' line.

    It sounds like she was always treating you the same way. I don't see any 'change in her at all, from what you have said!

    That is why you do't understand what she didn't like. There wasn't anything she didn't like, and you are right that thne chemistry between you was good.

    But she prefers to play the dating game, and thatt meant avoiding any emotional entanglement and not getting too close with you.

    • Do you know a way to change that or will it just happen on its own ? She says she wants me to always forever be a friend and only a friend. When we were together she said she wanted to always be in love with me. Its confusing =/ She's younger than me

    • I'd move on now and forget any romantic feelings for her. She's decided to be a swinger girl..

  • she thinks you're a wuss. you gotta make her fall in love. be the man. don't always be available and nice and never get her anything. be a player..

  • The main problem is not being close physically. If you have a great distance between each other, the attraction wanes and interest is diminished that's why she went to a guy who's closer to her, even though she's more attracted to you before.

    • I know that much but I don't understand why she couldn't even give me a chance when I go visit her and she does want me to live near her and I was considering moving. She never said "i would consider if you were closer" she just said "no" because she didn't want my hopes up so I'm really confused.