How do I get him interested again?

Okay so I was dating a guy for a few weeks, everything was great. then I screwed it up and I'm pretty sure I have given the impression of being needy and ended up leaving because I knew it and felt uncomfortable. Next day full of regretting leaving, I do the absolute worst thing to do and text him how I feel about him! NO response (not surprised)! How can I turn the tables and get him to chase me again? Also, I left a few of my belongings at his house and I'm not going to try to get them back but does he think about me when he sees them?


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  • Just do nothing. If he's interested, he'll be in touch with you. If after a month you haven't heard anything, just drop by his house to pick up your stuff and accept that it is over. In the future, don't be needy, especially if you've slept with a guy before making him commit, he'll likely just move on and you'll be left in this situation again. Ease up on the sex before commitment and tone down on the communication if a guy isn't sharing in the back and the forth. If you follow these rules, you'll get yourself a boyfriend.

    • A month? Really? I'm sure it's safe to say I will not be sitting around that long! I was thinking completely stop all communication and if e really likes me maybe a week! Not true?

    • Why is your stuff at his place? Did you sleep with him already? I say cut off all communication no matter what, a month is on the long side, but if you want to wait just a week, that's fine too.

    • The things I left aren't that important. Just a hair clip and lip gloss and whatnot. Just wondered if he maybe threw them out or keeping them to remind him of me. Definitely not going to try to get them back if I don't hear from him though.

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  • Yes you were needy and whatnot but if he really liked you there's really nothing you could do to "scare" him off. Guys that are really into you will chase you and won't stop communicating w you over something petty like you being too "needy". It's over just move on. Continuing to try and contact him after he's been ignoring you w the lame excuse that you left a hairclip, lipgloss, etc. at his place will just make you look even more needy and desperate. There's nothing you can do at this point but just get on w your life, forget about him, and meet other people. I mean you two were seeing each other for a few weeks it really wasn't anything serious. Those things you left at his house I would be willing to bet he's thrown in the trash at this point.

    • Yeah mo way am I going to make myself look or feel that way again! I'm staying busy as heck in hopes he will text/call/fb but nothing yet. I know someone said give it a month but honestly that tells me a month... Would mean I'm his rebound! I don't think so!

  • Just wait,because what damage you may have already done will be made worse if you say anything more when he has clearly ignored you.