If Obama really cares about saving lives, shouldn't he "control" Fast Food and Tobacco Companies?

Here is the breakdown of overall deaths in the United States (by cause).

1. Heart Disease (28.5%)

2. Cancer (22.8%)

3. Strokes (6.7%)

4. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (5.1%)

5. Accidents (4.4%)

6. Diabetes (3.0%)


11. Suicide (1.3%)


15. Homicide (0.7%)

Yes, you are more likely to kill yourself than be killed by someone else.


If the goal is to save lives, why isn't Obama trying to ban french fries and cigarettes?

The point is, Obama is trying to cripple our 2nd Amendment rights in the name of saving lives. That's his ideology; he feels that the government has to step in and save people from themselves.

0.7% of deaths are homicides. 70% of those homicides are gang and drug related. Mass shootings like in Sandy Hook occur in gun-free zones.

Fast Food and Big Tobacco contribute to the deaths of over 2,200 Americans a day. If he really cares about saving many lives, he ought to stop focusing on guns.


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  • Health management is a personal choice, just look at the backlash over Bloomberg banning super-sized drinks in New York City. It's no secret that fast food and tobacco are bad for you, the government isn't hiding that. Some places (like NYC) actually do have laws that require restaurants to list the calorie amounts for their food--and people still buy those 1,000+ calorie burgers instead of healthier alternatives. The potential health risks that they face for those decisions are their own fault, not the government's. Obama can't put a salad in front of a person and make him/her eat it. You can't expect the government to fix every problem, sometimes individuals have to accept responsibility for themselves.

    Also, Michelle Obama does have her "Let's Move" campaign. It might be aimed at children, but adults can learn from it too, so it's not like there's no attempt to make Americans healthier.

    • The only reason gun control laws are being pushed right now is because of Sandy Hook; it's not for the sake of saving *many* lives, it's to save *innocent* lives. They're really only addressing mass shootings, not your everyday crime. That's not comparable to fast food and tobacco.

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  • Because it's one thing to kill yourself but it's another thing to kill others. The same as if an adult wants to smoke cigarettes no one is going to say anything but if an adult gives their kid cigarettes CPS is going to be called.

  • Because you can't kill dozens of people within several minutes with french fries. Big difference.

    • Yes you can. Be happy I never cook or so ;)

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    • So because smoking doesn't immediately give you lung cancer, cigarettes aren't deadly? Is that your piint?

    • Haven't you read what I just wrote? I said I agree there should be more regulations on those things.

  • Some would point out that if homocide is such a small risk...why do so many Americans think the world will end if any form of reasonable gun regulation is implemented?

    • Cuz many of those people are retards

    • They don't think the world will end. They just aren't lemmings who bend over for the government like little bitches so when their government goes tyrannical or they get invaded, they expect countries like the US to bail them out.

  • The Republican's won't let him do that either...

    That is holding business down


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  • Scapegoating is an interesting way to shift focus from current events.

    • Seriously though.. You can track a bullet to its source so it's easier to prosecute.. you can't trace obesity or poor eating habits to one source. It's probably an easier issue to tackle.

    • There is nothing more current than 2,200 Americans dying every single day from heart disease, diabetes, and lung cancer. Can't forget those drunk drivers using cars as high speed murdering machines. Or the people doped up on drugs like Prozac taking their own lives at a higher rate than homicide (and that's including gang related shootings). It's not hard to check the blood of these victims/criminals to see what they were on.

      You wanna talk about scapegoats, guns are the scapegoats.

    • Well if this is your opinion we will always be speaking at cross purposes. If you want my opinion on these issues it's that I feel they should be regulated just like guns. I think there should be awareness raised and campaigns for a healthier America as well. This is from someone who has a gun license as well.

  • I am on the fence with man why of these things. I equate this with the seatbelt or helmet law. Freedom versus common sense and regulation. I believe in both maybe. I do think that it is ridiculous that a company can sell poisons to people but I also believe in free capitalism. Maybe one day I will have a more concrete opinion but I do think that many things in food should be banned and tobacco companies should be more honest about what is truly in cigarettes. I quit 8 months ago and very happy for it except for the 25 extra lbs. 5 stars sir 5 stars

  • I think there is a line between regulation and big government. Should my house be built to a code yes, but should someone tell me that my soda is too big no.

  • You forgot alcohol.

    Well it's bad for business to forbid things, isn't it ? I guess there is no morality in all this, just money.