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Guys - WHY do you do this?

So, things are obviously not right with a girl, the girl notices because face it we're tuned to that sort of thing. Then we ask you straight out whether there's something wrong, and GIVE YOU the chance to end it, by saying something like 'if you're having second thoughts about us, tell me'... and you say 'no, not at all' even though you know you're not going to contact her again. WHY THE HELL DO YOU DO THAT?

What you've done is left the girl with false hope, uncertainty and more pain. I mean, I don't get it. You have the chance to finish it, in probably a pretty easy way. Yet you don't, you take it back to where you're just not getting in touch, and continue to just not get in touch! Don't you realize what that does to us? At the very least it drives us MAD, and in the worst cases it makes us cry!

So here's your chance to tell us what that's all about?
Guys - WHY do you do this?
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