Why do the rich get away with crimes by getting better lawyers?

Why is it that rich people can hire good lawyers that do their best to make their client innocent, while poorer people have less access to good lawyers? What are some problems with lawyers?

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  • It's not the lawyer that's good or bad, it's just the fact that the legal system has turned into "which lawyer had the most compelling argument" rather than "did the defendant commit the crime?" which is a very bad way of looking at things.


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  • Lawyers aren't good or bad. They do their job, and some do better than others.

    The problem lies with the legislation, but even then - no parliament can account for every possible event/loophole.

    The problem lies with the judiciary - but no, because they just interpret the legislation to the best of their ability.

    The problem lies with the jury - they essentially have the power. When someone is ruled innocent (provided its a case with a trial by jury) it isn't the judge, lawyer or legislature that decided it - it's a jury of regular people.


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  • Lawyers are like any other tool. They can be used for good or evil.

    • I agree. I'm not blaming the evil ones though.

  • Because our justice system is f***ing broken.

  • The best method of getting away with a crime is creating a lobby to fund political representatives to vote the illegal act that you are committing into legality. Involves a lot of lawyers.

  • red smartie pretty much has it nailed. not forgetting that the American system allows the choice of jury too. by doing this, a 'good' lawyer will be able to read how they respond to how the argument is going. after all, its the jury who convict, rarely a judge (I know-the judge doesn't judge). so he has to sell an argument to mostly stupid people who buy into sensationalist crap and bingo, case closed.

  • Don't blame the lawyers for being good or bad. Blame the jury for not being smart (i.e., being too stupid to understand and too lazy to listen).

    • There's no way you can expect a jury to be perfect. They're random people, not trained, whereas lawyers are trained. Are you a lawyer?

    • Hell no. But I don't need to be a lawyer to see where the real issue is. Who do you think makes up the jury? People who were too stupid to get out of jury duty. Look at the Zimmerman trial. The law is f***ing clear ... you initiated a fight ... you can't use self-defense unless you withdraw or the other person escalates the fight by using deadly force (neither of which happened) ... So, members of the jury, how do you find? Not guilty, he acted in self-defense ... fo sho

  • 1) "Why is it that rich people can hire good lawyers that do their best to make their client innocent"

    Umm, you already answered that yourself: they're rich and have the means to hire a solid attorney.

    2) "What are some problems with lawyers?"

    This is the common thinking that most people have, just seeking to find something or someone easy to blame for problems. Have you ever thought that the SYSTEM functions the way it does, which allows for things that you see as being less than ethical? Lawyers don't bribe people, don't threaten to break people's legs, or anything like that...they find parts of the system to address their case and interpret them to the body listening (jury, judge, etc.) to show how their client is accused falsely.

    And if that isn't possible in a specific case, then the lawyer bargains with the state to give them a certain ruling in exchange for a certain punishment for their client. In either one of these cases, the ability to do so exists within the system. So why are you, like everyone else, wanting to blame a lawyer for knowing the law?

    Do you have any examples of actual injustices committed?

    • I'm not blaming anyone. However, people that know the system are in a good place to take advantage of loopholes, etc. Not all lawyers are bad.

      Example of injustice: OJ Simpson

      I'm sure there are more, but they aren't publicized. And yes, I never said that the system was good.

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    • Thanks.

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  • BETTER lawyers. They can afford BETTER lawyers. You answered your own question