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Does my gay best friend like me?

I am a girl and my gay best friend is a guy. I have known him for about 2 and a half years. About 2 weeks into our friendship he told me he was openly gay except with his family. I love this guy to death, but not in a sexual way. For the last school year he has be really..touchy. I tell him everything and he does the same so we are really close. When ever we are at our restaurant "dates" (We go everyday and talk). He makes us get a booth and sits next to me instead of in the seat across. He will rub my legs even when I tell him that I haven't shaved in a couples days. He won't let me pay anymore. I use to work at this restaurant and always pay for everything with him because I had money. Now he works there and even when I have money and try to pay he won't let me.

When we go to the beach he wants to throw me in the water and try to get me to go under with him.

He asks me to go run errand with him and go shopping with him all the time. He took me bra shopping before...

He tells me he loves me all the time, but like not meaningfully. We will be in the car and I will tell him I did something for him and he will say "God I love you."

We were at a party and laying down in this hammock. He would put his leg over me and try to tip us and wouldn't stop until I was screaming his name.

Whenever guys won't hop off his d*** and not get the hint that he's not interested in them he will be like "Can we just take a picture together and tell him you're my girlfriend"

He gives me his jacket/flannel when I'm cold.

He said he would let me have his credit card and small stuff like that.

He has never had a boyfriend before. He has had 2 girlfriends in elementary school before he knew he was gay. I mean I love him I really do, but I wouldn't want to date him and hurt our relationship if we broke up. We are always together and people think we are dating, but we just say no he likes boys. I'm not exaggerating, this is stuff that literally happens.

Do you think he likes me, if he does how can I tell him I'm not interested, because I think I flirt back. I don't know how to flirt so I don't know if I do or not.
Does my gay best friend like me?
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