Girl keeps calling me annoying, should I just stop talking to her?

This girl seems to like talking to me, but she calls me annoying all the time. She says there are worse thing to be and shouldn't get offended, but she does it all the time.

If I stop talking to her, she starts telling me I'm a brat and gets mad. Should I just ignore her from now on and let her be mad? Also she initiates all the time and goes around asking me questions but why?


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  • are you both 9 years old? that is so strange. I think both of you are at fault.

    just talk to each other like adults. obviously there's some tension here in a good way...u both have feelings for each other, so why not cut the crap and get to the good parts? ask her out on a date.

    in general though, girls are defensive like that when they like a guy but he's not reciprocating. so you need to stop getting mad at her at little things and play along or just be funny about it, then get to the serious part and show you like her too and wanna go out...its called flirting.

    • I don't get mad, I just get tired of hearing it, like I'm the only annoying person on the planet lol. Its cute and flirty, but how about a compliment or something? Haha

    • i have this kind of girl, sorry if I ask my problem in your posting. why are girls so weird, they want to fight or easily upset, we looks so childish. ignoring each other, and I don't see any problem between us. in my mind I am thinking that she is upset cause she doesn't want to get approach or maybe she has other guy. Please help me, I feel uncomfortable because we share house and always meet, we ignoring each other like doing stupid thing.

    • i don't understand aobut girl. one day she is being nice, have fun conversation then next day, they change and ignore you. so do I need to ignore her cause she actually really hates me, oe just talk with her and find the problem.

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  • I know the type.. she's a little clingey, craves your attention, but has a really short temper too. She calls you annoying flirtingly, probably (well it's clear she doesn't mean it seriously, as she says it's not the worst thing). She wants your attention, either give it to her if you're interested, or don't and stop talking to her.

    • But its like all the time dude. I seriously have NEVER heard her say that to somebody else. Its funny she calls me clingy but as soon as I don't give her attention, she gets upset. I know she is not the attention whore type, she is a nice girl and we get along, but she gets on my nerves sometimes.

    • Yeah because she's flirting with you. She's acting playfully with you calling you stuff and saying you're clingy. She's just got really bad game, and won't give it a rest. I doubt if she wanted to be friends or less she would spend so much time interacting with you.