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America - Country or Continent?

I live in Canada, and I've only ever heard of the words America and American being used to refer to the USA and its citizens, at least within North America.

North America and South America, or the Americas, are used to refer to the continents, and America is the USA.

Yet I'm constantly getting corrected by people online, who are outside North America, who try to tell me that as a Canadian, I'm also an American. I try to explain that I'm a North American (as North and South America are two separate continents), but no one seems to listen.

I find it kind of strange that people outside of North America are trying to correct the people who live there about how they should refer to their own country.

So what does America mean to you, and where do you live?
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Holy that's a lot of answers.

Thanks for the thoughts! It seems like most of you agree that America is the United States of America, or you live far enough away that it doesn't really matter what you call it.

I should have made this into a poll.
America - Country or Continent?
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