What can I do to ........?

What can I do to relieve pain resulting from waxing

I tried clove oil and some local anesthetics but they did not help.

I know a lot of you are going to say shave or bleach but I can't because I don't like it I even feel cleaner after waxing on top of that it removes dead skin


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  • stop being a wussy lol life is pain. put some ice on it and pop some pain killers.

    • But I like being a wussy lol on top of that you did not try waxing it hurts a lot

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  • permanent laser hair removal or you'll just have to get used to it

    my mum and I both wax after a hot shower which numbs the pain down enough that I can bare to pull all the strips off within 10 minutes, when I was 15 and just started waxing instead of shaving I would ask my mum to rip them off my legs for me because I was too chicken and would hesitate lol

    • I know but the problem its expensive, it's about 300 per session and I need to do ten sessions

      I use to ask my sister but now I do it all by my self :((

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    • To bad you live on the other half of the world