Girls, have you ever felt like "bad boys" or guys who have been hurt appreciate you more?

What exactly is a "bad boy"? Well, in my eyes, a "bad boy" is someone who has been very hurt by someone in the past so now they are completely guarded and may be an a**hole to protect themselves. The term 'bad boy' cannot be simplified. No one is born bad; there's ALWAYS a story, always a reasoning behind it. It may have been apart of the framework for their life such as growing up with an abusive father but usually bad boys were once very good guys who got their hearts broken. It's rarely ever that he's just some jerk.

Anyway, girls, have you ever felt like bad boys or boys who have been hurt appreciate you more in a relationship? You appreciate something on a completely different level when you've never experienced it or once longed for it. I've been with a couple of guys before and I constantly found myself thinking "You need to leave me and go off to a female who is not nearly as considerate, selfless, always looking out for your best interest, and eager to cater you so that you can appreciate all this goodness!" It's kinda like a spoiled child who EXPECTS and over time, is nearly entitled to a certain type of treatment who could really use being thrown out in the real world and experiencing some of the sh*tty day to day realities most people face without any special treatment.

Any other girls ever felt like tihs?

What's your view on this topic?
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This post isn't meant to be another one of those "bad guys" vs "nice guys" and who's more worthy. I also mentioned GUYS WHO HAVE BEEN HURT so please don't have selective reading lol yeah, I included that bad guys are often guys who have been hurt, but it's not all about "bad guys"
Girls, have you ever felt like "bad boys" or guys who have been hurt appreciate you more?
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