Dreamt about my ex... super weird, what does it mean?

We broke up nearly 5 months ago. I had a tough time getting over her because she wanted to be friends and I thought I still made a shot blabla. We did break up fairly peacefully but it still came as a huge shock to me because we were planning on moving in together.

Anyway I had this dream tonight, in which basically everything that went wrong with our relationship happened in one evening (instead of the last few months). It seemed super realistic and it kinda opened my eyes a little extra...

It's also caused these feelings of regret etc. to come up again which I thought I didn't have anymore...

What does this mean?

Thanks for all the great responses. I've found out through a friend that she has a new boyfriend. Yet she didn't tell me while trying to be friends with me. That was what hurt me though.

I called her about it and she said she was afraid I'd get angry, I laughed and told her I wouldn't.

I'm happy for her, genuinly. I don't feel bad about it at all which actually surprises me.


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  • Your sub conscientious is telling you when you are dreaming, that you are not completely over her, that you still think about her and miss her, probably on a daily basis. Sometimes, our dreams tell us something that we least expect, which has happened to me a few times in my life. They hold great significance, "an eye opener," and gives us something to think about. And with your dream, this has made you realize some of your own mistakes with your relationship with her that may have gone south in just "one instant,' rather than in the last few months. Maybe, too, this insight to what you are seeing now, and what you are feeling,feels "super realistic" because it was meant to make you feel like this. I can tell you from own personal experience, that dreams I have had made me realize even what would happen should I have continued with certain things in my life I was having issues with. Yes, for sure "opens your eyes," makes us think---twice. Being she left things with you on a "friendly note,' "peacefully", as you say, maybe this sign is telling you to merely pick up a phone and give her a jingle. Find out how she is doing, what she has been doing(if you don't keep in touch), things of this nature. I think by doing this, at least keeping the lines of communication amiable," you can find some sort of closure", which also may be why you had this dream...Or who knows...In essence, there may be more to this than "meets the naked eye" for the both of you again in the future. "Dreams do come true,' they say.

    • I see...you now have your----closure...

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    • Just saw the part about pizza! Great! And who knows what could happen after the first bite..I don't think the "newbie" has slapped a ring on her finger just yet.."Like I said: "Dreams do come true.."One never knows..And no problem...good for you with your "dream department"...and thank you..I am pretty "good and extensive" with everything I write..My dream all my life was to be a writer..I ended up writing plays and poetry--now this, along with emails filled "with others' dreams...:))

    • Cool! Well she told me before she didn't love me as anything but friends so it's probably not going to happen but I guess you never know!

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  • It means you are not over her as you thought.

    • Thanks, I realize that haha. But I'm not really sad about it. There are just things I'm trying to figure out.

    • Some little wrinkles you gotta smooth over

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  • You dream about things that occupy your mind. But dreams can be very distorted, So there is no easy way to tell what a dream means. What does this dream mean to you?

    • I don't know, I'd say it means I've gotten past the confusion and denial as to why we broke up and it might be a sign that I need to forgive her and myself for hurting each other and move on.

  • It means you now have a reason to go back to her and work things over again!

    • Nope, she got a boyfriend now. But who knows what'll happen, we're still young haha.