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Why do people say Men/Women are just "wired" that way?

Being an intellectual I always found it particularly amusing when someone attributes a socially constructed behavioral trait of a person(s) to some strange "wiring". The lack of thought into what their trying to talk about is what I find the most amusing. Like if they would just go to college, study a little bit of anthropology, sociology, biology, and philosophy etc they'd be informed.

Like for example, "women are not wired to be leaders", "men are wired to be leaders/dominant". Claims like these are very simple, no deep thought, or scientific or anthropological evidence, thus are simply refuted. If women are not "wired" to be leaders, then female leaders would not exist. Females leaders exist, thus "women are not wired to be leaders" is a false claim. If Men are "wired" to be leaders/dominant, then men who are unsuccessful in life, and cowardly would not exist. These men exist, then it necessarily follows the "Men are wired to be leaders/dominant" claim is false.

I also here things from men saying "Women are hard-wired to like jerks", as if their behavior is attributed to some neuron-firing mechanism in these women's brain triggering off a certain chemical compound causing a pre-destined behavioral algorithm that makes them against all will attracted to this "jerk" of a man. It is like the laymen think the human brain is just some computer code.

And just to guide discussion, I'm not saying that women and men are not different. They are. But these differences are less than the differences between any two people. . . ANY two people. The behavior of men and women are governed by which the society they inhabit. Behavior is relative to the culture in which they reside. All animals, including humans are just a product of their environment, not a pre-destined layout.

So give me your feedback, if any questions just ask me.
Why do people say Men/Women are just "wired" that way?
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