Why is it so hard to find someone to love and who loves you back?

Why is love so hard when it's something that most people are searching for? If most people want it, then shouldn't it be so much easier to find someone?


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  • It's a lot like baking a cake; some people like chocolate cake while others prefer red velvet. Not everyone has the same recipe for love (or cooking) and when you invest so much time into a recipe (or relationship) and it comes out of the oven being a carrot cake, you realize something went wrong and you start over from scratch. Sometimes the cake gets burnt and sometimes it just tastes horrible or it turns out that you were baking a cake and they were making a pie. Just because we're all cooking (or looking for love) doesn't mean we all see the cake (or love) the same way; the point is trying to find someone who's recipe is either the same as yours or complements your own.


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  • I find that many people dont take relationship or dating seriously. It is like fun game for many.
    I wonder too...