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I like her, and am I doing the right thing?

This is crazy, I met this girl and started talking to her, it was literally a fated meeting and we both believe that we met for a reason because we were both having an extremely tough time, and missed our ex's. So we connected on that issue and started talking to each other and we both noticed how as we talked we couldn't stop smiling and literally stopped thinking about our ex's. We have literally everything in common and as we talk weird coincidences keep happening like she'll ask what I'm doing and she'll be doing the same thing or something completely weird. So I've slowly fell for her, we've been on one "date" as friends with my friend and his girlfriend and it went really well. We used to text each other 11+ hours a day as we were getting to know each other, and now it's getting to be a bit much, I want to make her miss me so to speak. She travels a lot for soccer and is out of town this week so I'm not texting her, I want her to think about me and wonder why I'm not texting. Is that the right thing to do? All my friends both guys and girls think that she will realize that she likes me just like I did with her, it's crazy how much we have in common and the way that we met was just spooky(like someone was watching over our conversation, we're both religious and feel that we met for a reason, but can't figure out why yet and every time we get on the subject it's very flirty) but that's a different story. Am I doing the right thing, it's extremely hard because I like her but, how long should I wait to text her just to let her know I'm thinking of her? I didn't end with the ball in her court so to speak, so if she doesn't text me I plan on texting her late tomorrow to catch up and then leave by saying something like "(random thing to do) text me later if you want" then it's her move, and she'll be thinking about me. I hate how relationships are a game now, but I have to play if I want to win. Am I doing the right thing here, I really like this girl. Thanks guys and girls for reading all of this and answering!
I like her, and am I doing the right thing?
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