What really grinds my gears

The belief that men have to pay for everything Ladies please. You are not a baby and should have at least some money in your bank...

5 reasons why I'm so happy to finally have my first car! (that I paid for)

So today was the day! I thought it would take longer for me to finally pick up my vehicle but somehow one of my classes was cheaper so I...

Kidnapped! What you need to know right now to save your life!

This is not a joke! Not the title and not what you are about to read! I am DEAD serious! Over 800,000 children and 150,000 adults are...

Cat Types And Properties

I love cats.And you? They are cute creatures.If you think like me you can read this MyTake. Let's start :) 1-Sphinx Cats This type is...

Summer Glowup: Mental Ruts and Demotivation

Summer Glowup: On Feeling Beautiful Summer Glowup: How To Start Living A More Productive, Happier, And Healthier Life Today Note: I'm...

20 Random Facts About Humans

There are many things that many people don’t know about themselves, either because they haven’t stopped to think about it or because...

Afraid of chair and mirror when I sleep?

Just want to know if I'm not alone. Ever since I was a kid, I'm scared of seeing a chair and a mirror in my room. Whenever I'm about to...

Depression times?

What do you guys do when everything turns to shit and life hates you😬?

What would you have expected to pay?

HEY ALL! Can you let me know what you all think an accurate range I should have charged for this? BACKGROUND STORY First visit:...

Can I fail a drug test by having sex the night before?

i had sex with my fuck friend 30 mins ago and im worried it will make me fail because something i heard about protection or **** like...

In today's society can anyone in society be trusted?

I don't trust anyone in society even my neighborhood can't be trusted

What is your favorite type of weapon?

I really like handguns pistols and what not, my favorite being the m1911.. WBU?

Why are some people scared of getting into a fight?

I just don't see how someone goes a lifetime or even to adulthood without ever getting in a fight. Do they never stand up for themselves or?

Which would you choose to lose forever starting now?

If you had to make a decision right now to 100% completely lose one of the following for the rest of your life which would you choose to...

On hot heat wave warning days what's 1 thing most rember to do?

after choosing in comnents say what you think is the worst thing you can do on a heat wave warning day it can be any thing or from the...

Do you believe?

Do you believe anything is possible? If not. Why not?

Why are more people using eltric stoves an dryers an washers?

after choosing say in comments what you think it can be any thing not on the list open to anonymous to

boyfriend thinks an evil child should be killed and tortured like an adult, should I break up?

I just realized he has a mob mentality and that's creeping me out to honest. However, his last statement is making me reconsider the...

Is empathy and compassion in childhood learned or innate?

I don't recall being too empathetic as a kid. I wasn't overly bad (never hurt anything on purpose) but I wasn't an ''I love all living...