Things You Should Have on You Every Day That You (Probably) Don't:

Being an adult is more than just reaching adulthood. There is quite a bit of responsibility that one must successfully handle to truly...

A guide to becoming an adult

This will not start with a personal success story. I’m not selling anything to you, it’s your call if you want to accept this or not. A...

Responsible Pet Ownership

My mom was in our backyard today throwing her two year old Pomeranian mix, Charlie, some tennis balls. Our neighbors two sons, about 8...

Cute pictures of animals to make your day :)

If you know me you probably know that i am obsessed with animals and I love them so much. Warning: some of these animals are naked....

Cliche pics you have to have in your album... or phone.

If you were to look through everyones life in photos it appears everyone is living the exact same life. Here are some of the pics you...

5 simple ways you can help our dying planet

Our planet is our little oasis of life in such a vast cosmos full of empty space and unhabitable rocks and planets, it's time we took...

What entertainment should I provide for this sleepover?

So I’m having 2 boys and a girl over to my house for a sleepover this weekend. One of the boys, Jayden, is a boy that I like (and he...

How often do you cry?

I personally would never do it in front of anyone unless I'm about to burst. I wouldn't say I do that often because I always try and...

What do you think when you're talking to a non native English speaker who can't speak English well?

I wonder because I just arrived here in the US few weeks ago and it's not that easy to express myself but trying hard to. Do you think...

What's the use of an apology if the damage is done?

Sometimes one is forgiven for more serious offenses (ex: betrayal of trust, stealing). In an extreme case, there was a woman that...

What's something you don't have the patience for?

I have patience when I'm not trying to do anything. But when I'm trying to do something and am being delayed, I start to lose my...

Which one do you like more? Cats or dogs?

Personally I'm a dog person. I just love how they always like to be playful and faithful.

Should I get her help?

My daughter has problems with guilt. When she thinks she’s done something wrong she goes into a stage where she thinks about that...

What do you think of tattoos ,... do you have any?

If you have tattoos, there is probably a story behind each one. And if you don’t have any, well it’s good to know what you think about them.

Can your crazy beat mine?

guinea pigs Penguins giraffes machine guns Kim Jong-un what have nothing in common. first of the overall rating in the recent...

What will we see less of in next ten years?

say what you think it can be any thing not on the list or choose from the list to comment on

Do you think cosplay is weird?

Just to clarify I'm talking about a person making a costume and than wearing it to a convention. Nothing else that may be associated...

Are men funnier than women?

(If you get offended easily, I advise you to ignore this question and move on) I personally think that men and women are at the same...

Is it hard for you to keep burps from escaping your mouth hole?

I find it extremely easy but my friends burp all the time, so I'm wondering if it's something they can't help?

Is 6 hours too much?

Is 6 hours too much for celebrating 🥳 your birthday with family? Do parties last this long lol cause I don’t celebrate usually....

Do you carry a pocket knife with you wherever you go?

I grew up in a blue collar family. When I was a young boy, receiving my first pocket knife was a rite of passage. It meant that I was...

What's the most surreal experience you've had?

What’s the most surreal experience you’ve had (not talking about paranormal shit). Just like adrenaline rush kind of thing or like an...