Remember What You Still Have And Be Thankful (Even Though It May Seem Difficult Right Now).

So, it's been a while since I've done one of these- I call it a 3:00 am MyTake because I'm writing it at 3:00 am. And most of these are...

A TODDLER'S View on HOW BABIES ARE MADE! #StoriesFromCookie

I'm sure we're all a bit bored currently, so I thought to tell you an entertaining story: Cookie was about 3 or 4 years old when she...

Quarantine: A Poem about social distancing

Quarantine What does this word mean? It means staying home and keeping your distance as much as possible Save your family, your elders,...

The weary blues of 24/7/365

24 hours in a day And I waste every one. Seven days in every week And all for naught. 12 months in a year, The ceaseless wheel of...

What I Have To Say After 1 Year of Not Having A Pet

I've had pets in my world for the majority of my life. My dog died when I was 17, and my cat died last March leaving my world quite...

Three Reasons why Dogs are Better than Cats

Before I start, I just want to say I am a massive animal lover of all kinds of animals. I have both cats and dogs as pets and love them...

Can drinking a bottle of vape juice kill you?

If you drank a bottle of vape juice would you die?

When was the last time you touched grass with your bare skin?

Just something interesting people might not think about. I wonder if it even matters to you.

Whats something you have to say?

i dont know what i mean by this but im sure you do, what you gotta say? 🙃

If I were to round a corner and find you doing something that would best show what kind of person you are, what would it be?

Something that best shows a deep, honest quality about yourself. (Let's pry those personalities open!😆)

Is it possible for humans to have purple eye colors?

I understand the question sounds weird but hear me out: I was at work and I was helping a few people, this woman came up to me with a...

What are some things you learned or that God has taught you?

In my job: - I learned God will give me all that I need to do his will when He wants me to do it - I had back pain before getting my job...

Why is competition so exhilarating?

I absolutely love competition. I obviously hate losing and love winning but just experiencing competition is really fun. It could be...

Who is here to actually contribute, and who fucks around?

Its been a few years since I've had an account on this site, and coming back for a 2nd time now it just seems there are no one that...

If you had these options, what would you choose?

my friend has the money to buy both a bentley continental gt and a rolls royce , and he kinda shifts in b/w 2 places every month ,...

In your experience, in general, who has been genuinely kinder to you?

I am talking about genuinely kind to you. Key word: genuinely If men are treating you well to sleep with you, that's not kind. If women...

When you have been jealous, what has been the main source?

I feel like these are the main reasons. Comment something else if you feel like there is another huge source of jealousy.

What would you like to grow at home?

If you could grow any plant, regardless of climate restrictions, what would you grow? I want to grow mangoes, but I am too impatient and...

When Do You Arrive? What "Type" Are You?

How important is punctuality to you? I've always tried to teach my kids to give little extra time. Being late all the time is...