Dear stranger, I wish you the best

Dear stranger, I know things have been quite harsh and chaotic recently and maybe they have been affecting you to an extent. If you feel...

Death, abuse and pain...

Hi- I’m Anna. I am 15. And I have been through a lot at such a young age. I want to use this to vent and rant and get things of my chest...

Simple Summer Traditions to Keep Alive This Summer According to Charlie Brown

This summer almost here and well, we can just assume its summer based on the nice weather. It is nice to think about all the things we...

The Phenomenon of Group Thinking

The Phenomenon of Group Thinking I wanted to write this because of everything that's currently happening in America. I hope it helps...

2020 my year of different opinions

We all celebrated the breaking of 2020 with great expectations and planning. Just like we are different, our challenges and successes...

My first mytake. Thanks Yads!

No I’m not tagging anyone. Do this as well if you want. name : Sobek nickname : whatever one happens to call me gender : Female How long...

Is it likely that a small car going 5 mph backing up could make a big dent in the front bumper of a big truck?

Also, the small car has no damage on it at all so I’m wondering if it’s another car that hit it. I know this is a weird question I just...

How is it possible for a baby to survive a high fall?

The child must now be 6 years old. When he was 15 months old, he fell from an 11-story building. Even though he suffered some injures...

Is my family the reason I hate how I look?

I've always got criticism about my weight. Since I was little my brother, mom and dad use to literally called me names and laughedat me...

Who is your crush 💜?

Who is your crush? What do you like about them? **I mean irl. Not G@G... LMAO** Tell me. Hehe.-. They won’t find out. 😉

What would be your Project Power superpower? Can you answer the questions and find out?

Determine what superpower you'd get when you take the pill from Netflix's Project Power. Add the points up and find out what superpower...

My boyfriend's mom caught us having sex, does she hate me?

my boyfriend and I went to go get Starbucks while we wait until the baseball game start which we were going to watch it at my house....

Which super power you like to have and why?

Hey friends if you got opportunity than which super power you like to have and also give reason why?

Are you Left handed, Right handed or Ambidexterity?

I am a Leftie... *Ambidexterity is the ability to use both the right and left hand equally well.

Girls, what is a tall guy for you?

Women seem obsessed with height so here's a question lol. Most say they want a tall guy, but what is that for you? More specifically,...

Have you ever had an accident because you were on your phone?

People are obsessed with their phones, your staring at yours now rather than doing what your supposed to be doing. But have you ever had...

Guys, When it comes to women, politics and sports are polar opposites: yes or no?

Guys love it when we are into sports. Make a one-sentence statement in politics about something not even in your own country and they go...

Which dog should I get or which 1 do u prefer?

I'm deciding between a samoyed or a pomeranian


Pretend they are the last of the species , you can only choose one Once you have chosen , the rest are going extent So who will it be?