The Men In Black: A Weird And Creepy Experience That I Once Encountered

The Men In Black When my friend and I were 14, we were hanging out in the park around 6pm. We were just chilling out, sitting and...

My Second Take on Puerto Rico and My Culture & Heritage - Expanded

If you know me by the kinds of posts I write, especially as answers to questions, then you know that I'm very cultural and that my...

To be smart is to be sad

You've heard smart before, and alongside that you've heard wise, brilliant, and/or intelligent, which usually means someone with perfect...

"It's not what you hear, but how you listen to it." She said to me.

So, I have this older female "friend" so to speak. (She's actually kind of a stalker who works at my university campus as a registration...

Belief: The power to move forward

What is belief? The answer to this is different for different people. What or whom do they believe in is also different like some people...

It's just a dog , get over it!

Under any circumstances you shouldn't tell a pet owner whose pet just died That it's just a [any animal] That's just rude and...

Are you a jealous type?

you gotta be honest, so are you a jealous type? 🙃

Is it okay to use a lava lamp as a night light?

I just got my very first one!

How do you folks think self-harm is defined with eg. ?

suppose it through your physics and your soul too. and what do you believe cuxes your eg. ?

Is this proper way to use the word inherently?

“We As people we inherently believe blah blah blah” ➖➖➖➖ Does this make sense or no?

Am I being stalked or were they just creeps?

So today i was out for an exercise. I usually stick around my neighborhood and walk my usual route then all of a sudden these group of...

I might get a tattoo, shoulder or forearm?

its gonna be a cross, but should i get it on my arm or shoulder?

How many weeks paid holiday/ vacation do you get in your county?

How many paid holiday weeks does your work give you?

Is whether something is overrated a matter of opinion?

I think it is a matter of opinion For example I dislike TikTok and think it is overrated but many other people use TikTok each day...

Parents do you regret having kid/kids?

I breifly dated a man who was a single father. 6 years prior he was in a friends with benefits situation they decided to have a child...

Does your cat headbutts with you?

Apparently it's a sign of trust.

What would you prefer to happen to your body after you die, and why?

One of my cats passed away recently which got me thinking about my own mortality. I'm disturbed by both the ideas of my body being...

Is a person a "mean" person if they do something for you only because they want something in return?

I read on here that a nice guy is not a nice guy if he only does something for you expecting something in return. Well, I do a lot of...

Who is better from filter?

Filter is :- ->Looks ->attitude ->figure ->acting skills ->face P. S state your reason why you chose her? My personal fav. is Kaif

Is it elderly abuse if my older half brother keeps screaming in our grandmother's face because she won't eat?

Our grandmother has Dementia and never eats her food. I asked him if he considered if she has dysphagia and I explained what it is and...

What if you hit a car in a parking lot, but nobody saw you do it?

Would you leave a note with insurance info or flee the area?

If somebody uses anonymous but does not write anything insulting or criticism do you think that is still cowardly?

I have seen other people write it is cowardly to insult other people on anonymous. but i wrote this question without writing anything...