Sometime letting someone go is the right choice. (My Story)

Before I tell you why I let this girl go I have to tell you what this girl meant to me. She wasn't like anyone else I had might. She balances my life. She gives me a purpose. When times are rough just knowing that I get...
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Observations on Behavior in Dating: A Battle Between the Sexes

This may trigger some people because whether you want to admit it or not, everyone does at least a few of these things when dating. I am equally guilty of doing some of these things too. As I have been on this site for a...
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My 30 Halloween pick salute

I have decided to do a quicker and more condensed version of my Halloween picks. 21. House – 1986 / House 2 : The second Story – 1987
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Who do you think are the best up and coming actresses under 40?

Well, I have thought about this topic for a while. I have binge watched so many shows over the last few months. And I have some favorites. My tastes are specific and perculiar because I am into sci-fi and fantasy. But...
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Why the Right Complaining About the Left Wanting to "Re-Write US History" is Blatant Hypocrisy

You hear right wing pundits constantly complaining about how the left wants to portray the US as being based on white supremacy. And you know what perhaps that is an oversimplification; yes it was a part of American...
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If Karen is the name for bossy entitled middle-aged white women, then what would other women's names describe?

Here's what I think: Abigail/Abby - Likely has low self esteem, despite her looks. Likely to date nerds and geeks for the easy morale boost. Allison/Alison - Sarcastic and often times cranky. The type to date bad types of...
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Criticise feminists but don't hate feminism!

Ok , ok I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this , with all of you going to call me a simp but here me out . Feminism by it's original meaning , is equality between men and women . Believe or not it still stands...
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The truth about Democrats and Republicans, the poison to our country, trigger warning dont read this if you are stupid and sensitive.

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” ~Abraham Lincoln This mytake is not for the irrational, it not for people who are stupid, and certainly not for those who...
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No, the number of COVID-19 cases has not been exaggerated 20x!

This is a remarkably similar case to my earlier take: No, the number of COVID-19 deaths has not been exaggerated 20x! the propaganda being "scIeNtiSts DoN't kNow wHat theY'Re dOiNg", but some people have been making out...
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Your all time Favourite Live Concert Ever

As everyone knows, there's a lot of types of music genres and tastes, but that's not the point here. What I want to know is, for ever generation, there's an all time moment, and in the music, this is not different at all....
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Male and Female PC Gamers

Some of you must remember that video on the Web showing Henry Cavill (A.K.A Superman) building his PC game, despite most of women (and gays) looking more to his muscled arms than the PC itself....
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Königsberg and the revenge of Prussia

Yeah I know, it sounds like the title of a Steven Spielberg movie but in reality it’s a historic fact. The story is centered in a City originally called Königsberg(now called Kaliningrad) which is located by the Baltic...
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Online Dating is missing something very important!

So you are out and about with your friends on a Friday night and start to flirt with all kinds of people. This may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes before possibly exchanging a phone number. During the interaction you...
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The Story of 90's G-Dragon

This is a crazy story. I like when life is so weird and unpredictable and things happen that you would never think are possible. I'll probably make this a series and add some more stories like this one :). I first heard...
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Why Men Aren’t Committing To Relationships

Let me start this MyTake by saying that I believe that being in a committed relationship with a quality partner and working together as a team is most likely to result in the best outcome in life. It doesn’t assure daily...
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The Missing Men and what to do about it.

Related subjects: #MeToo #RedPilled #MGTOW Where did all the good men go? Why have so many men given up? Prolouge: This MyTake has been requested of me by others several times and I've awnsered related questions to this...
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You are probably forcing yourself to feel unworthy

I write this for those who swallowed the pain of feeling bad about themselves, no matter how emotionally balanced they are they can’t think of moments of appreciation that are equal to, or more than the moments of...
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How I understand the honey in the bible - Real Christian talk

Some people have spent years trying to figure out what honey was a symbol of They may have finally concluded it is a symbol for pleasure The bible says if you eat too much honey you will vomit which is true about neatly...
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My big volleyball day!

Sadly I don't have any pictures for this mytake but I'll still try and make it entertaining. Volleyball is awesome! Yesterday was quite a day. My team got promoted to a higher league at the end of last season. We're now...
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"You look like a man" - my stance on muscular women

I don't like to write a lot, so I will make it short, I still want to share my stance on this topic. Many people, men and women, don't like muscular women, and it's okay, their preference. But don't tell others what to do...
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