Is it a Red Flag if you Have Not had a Relationship since High School? A Cautionary Tale of Believing Old Tropes.

Thanks to @Justneedtokno for inspiring the telling of this true story. You can visit her question here: Is it a Red Flag 🚩 if a woman has not been in a real relationship since high school or college? Here is the story...
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On dating apps, it makes sense for a guy of average or below height to slightly exaggerate his height

I don't think a relationship should be started out with a lie, but I see this as getting the foot in the door. I personally would never have a problem being truthful because I like to meet girls in person anyways, but I...
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The Problem with a "Black" Bond. . .

First, I would like to say the British Film Industry can do whatever the hell it wants. And I am not saying that "race" relations in Britain are anything like race relations in America. In fact, this take is about the...
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Believe all Women!

Ha! You thought this was going to be a 'metoo' segment. Nope. I have done some research and dove into the numbers. I have come to the conclusion that when a woman says that she "don't need no man" she is telling the...
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What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?

God created humans to engage in sex only within the arrangement of marriage between a male and a female. The Bible condemns sexual activity that is not between a husband and wife, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual...
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Short opinion: Why in my view, it's legitimate that many men have feelings or want their female friend as more than that. Girls, please understand us.

It's well known that men are the pursuers most of the time. We already don't have much of options like women, so every woman that you have great connection with, and looks good, it's an instinct to ask yourself questions...
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Burn it to the Ground!

The U.S. is in crisis. Hell, the entire western world is in crisis. At no point in history has there been more crisis's simultaneously, that are all so uniform in their manifestation, so devastating in their real world...
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Ever wonder why women almost never compliment men?

A few reasons. 1. Women do not find men aesthetically or physically attractive. At least not most of them. You're either fortunate or you kick ass if you are one of the top 20% of desirable men. Have you ever heard how...
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You Don't Have to Say Yes to Sex With Every Woman

So this Take arrives after having a conversation with some of my buddies this afternoon, and thought I should share it. The message is not unheard of, and you actually can find quite a lot about it on YouTube if you...
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The Quarter-Season Awards in the National Football League

Week 5 of the National Football League(NFL) has came to an end, and it was a crazy week of football for a number of reasons. In the new 17-game NFL season, five football weeks now roughly marks a quarter of the season...
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My Late Grandfather's Message Towards Racism and Interracial/Interfaith Relationships

The stereotype of "Old White Men" being racist is sadly very true but it's not just "Old White Men" who are racist. Racism comes from all walks of life from every continent on Earth. We are in a world full of hate when...
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Men: Avoid Tinder - the odds are just that bad!

This video shows a man who created two fake women profiles on Tinder, one average and the other one prettier, with professional photographs. Within a day, the average looking woman got about 400 matches and the prettier...
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Did you know the national debt is increasing by almost two million dollars a minute, which is over $700 a day PER PERSON?

Did you know the national debt is increasing by almost two million dollars a minute, which is over $700 a day per person? The Federal government spends $250,000 of your money ON TOP of what you already pay taxes every...
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Do you REALLY understand how online dating works?

My experience online. I have significant experience with online dating. I began in 2007, after ending a long term relationship that was - obviously - a mistake. I signed up on and POF. I met two women who were...
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10 Misogynist Quotes That Sound Extremely Truthful

A lot of these quotes were said by well known people in history such as philosophers, inventors, poets, men’s right activists, etc. Some will sound familiar and others will no doubt make today the first time you’ve heard...
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What does SIN mean and Why it is so important? (Further Explained)

This isn't a religious post, although I use scripture. It applies to everyone. Sin is simply when you are not working in harmony with Gods laws. It means too fail. To miss the objective. And if you don't work in...
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The facts about Communism and all its shades.

I have noticed a disturbing lack of insight into the realities of the political ideology of communism. I have read history since young, have studied history on university on first and primary levels and I am also...
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Medical Apartheid is coming to the United States. How did it go from " two weeks to flatten the curve " to " you can't travel across state lines " and " punch a Nazi " to " show me your papers " in JUST A YEAR?! This is...
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Actual reasons I have noticed in my life of why women love bad boys

It's generally assumed that men are into categories like good, bad, nice guys but all girls are pure, innocent, and good. That's not actually the case. People get blinded by women's beauty and classify bad women into...
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The Feminist Apocalypse

What do feminists really want? I don't mean every woman who says she's a feminist... I mean the women who have actually put a lot of thought into how to best meet the goal of feminism in the most efficient and honest...
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"Bingo Hell", B-1 Hell of a crazy film

What would it cost you to be a big winner? What is your ultimate dream? What would you forsake for fantasy? These are the questions I ask after I watched a new Horror movie on Amazon prime called "Bingo Hell". Trust me...
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