A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman


In our society, what is rare and hard to obtain is valuable and we apply this not only to people and relationships but also to objects. For example, gold is a crappy metal but is worth a lot because it is so rare in the world. Same concept applies when it comes to an attractive men vs women.

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

In an OKCupid study it was found that 80% of the women found men to be below average in attractiveness. While men tended to grade women more fairly and forgiving on looks and the distribution for attractiveness was even out more evenly.

The reason for this all ties into men and women's biology. Women have more estrogen in them which makes them horny for specific features. While men have testosterone in them which in general increases their urge for sex and makes them less fussy about a particular feature. And we can actually see this play out as people get older. Women get older they become less picky about men and part of this is due to the dropping in estrogen and increase in test. Men tend to become more picky due to the dropping in test and increase in estrogen (yes men produce this).

Features women find in men that is physically attractive

Women's physical attraction to men is heavily tied to bone structure and already predetermine set genetic traits such as height, face, broad shoulders, and race. So male's physical attraction for women is very specific and often in built; your either born hot or your not unless of course you undergo surgery.


A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

Women are attracted to specific facial features which signify high testosterone and this includes chiseled jaw, and sharp facial features. And there was actual an old question which ask women and men to list their dream SO and women posted guys who all had these features. And recently in some of the featured mytakes of male eye candy on the front page you can see the ones chosen by women all have these features too.

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

2. Height (second most important)

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

Your height is a genetic trait determine from birth. What determines you grow into a tall man or a short/average height is when your metaphyseal plates closes. If they close early (sorry brah your short), if they close later then you'll be tall. On average the plates close completely by around age 24-25 for most people.

3. Broad shoulders

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

This is determine by a your clavicle. If you have wide clavicle you will have potential for wide,broad shoulders. If your clavicle is genetically determine to be smaller then women will consider you less attractive than someone who does.

4. Race

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

Now race is a touchy subject and while both men and women can be anal about it, i find men are more willing to set aside race when it comes to ONS, and casual dating. While women tend to keep their standards even for this. Race is important to women more so than men because it's linked to social status. Women are hypergamous and care about status a lot more than men and will turn down a good looking man on basis of race alone.

5. Nice body (least attractive)

A nice body can score you points but not so much as you'd think. Women will find a male who has a nice face, and is tall more appealing than a male of average height/face who busted his butt off in the gym to get a nice body.

So this guy:

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

Will do better than this guy:

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

And even when it comes to getting the body above it takes a hell of a lot for guys to obtain that. This includes, cutting, bulking, watching your diet, dedicating yourself to the gym religious and lifting heavy weights that could damage and fuck you up when your older.

So to summarize male physical attraction when it comes to women is heavily influence by bone structure in your body and genetically determine traits you get from birth. You might be wondering, why not use makeup to increase your attractiveness? The reason is makeup is feminine and women like masculine features also unless it's use to hide scars makeup isn't going to do jack shit because women again care about something that is skin deep (bones).

Features men find attractive in women and why attractive women are cheaper

1. Face (Top priority for men)

Now face is important for men just like it is for women but unlike men who are kind of screwed on their face women have something called MAKEUP. Makeup is like magic and can turn even the most average/below average and sometimes ugly girl into a beauty queen with the right application.

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman
A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman
A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman
A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman
A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

It even works wonders for men.

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

2. Big boobs - Ties in with babies

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

Men like breast not overly fake breast but natural big breast that are well per portion to a woman's body. Women can get this by either going under the knife (which is socially accepted) or wearing push up bras which exhibit giving the appearance of big breast.

3. Hour glass figure with wide hips - related to child birth

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

This is also for women to mimic and obtain either by actively working out or what more women are doing today is wearing corsets with their outfit to make themselves have this figure.

4. Shapely nice butt.

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

Many women can get this through butt implants, squatting exercise, wearing yoga pants or denim jeans and even butt pads.

5. Nice female body

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman

Unlike men the standards male have for women on this isn't that high. It requires dedication to the gym and watching what you eat but the standards on the physical demands you have to put your body through are far less. Most men would be satisfied with a body like above which requires light weights, cardio and watching what you eat for the most part.

So to summarize. Attractive women are plentiful and cheap because women have all the resources available and means to increase their physical attraction. And men overall standards for beauty are lower than women. For things men are not compromising (weight), women can actively control and change that about themselves. While an attractive man is rare because women's physical attraction for men are based on genetic in built traits that they have from birth and a heavy placement on that is towards a male's bone structure.

A Handsome Man is More Valuable Than an Attractive Woman
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  • lumos
    Lol you talk about the hourglass figure as if that's something super common and can be achieved. Plenty of women can't get wider hips because guess what, bone structure. Same applies to having a nice round ass, no matter how many months I've spent squatting, I've literally not seen any difference. Maybe my ass felt a bit more firm but it didn't get rounder or bigger. And as for boobs, no, implants *aren't* socially accepted. Guys always say they prefer natural over fake, pics of fake ugly boobs circulate the internet all the time for people to make fun of. Not to mention that it's hella expensive and takes a while to recover from, getting implants is not something you ~*~just do~*~. So no, having wide hips, big boobs and a big ass is definitely easier said than done. If girls only require a nice face and an ok body, I think it's safe to say that guys have higher standards if they require a perfect face, perfect boobs, perfect hips, perfect ass. :) But nice male bias you've got there that's essentially falling on itself and proving that men have higher standards over all hehe.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Trust me, we all don't have that requirement as men.

    • You stole the words out of my mouth!!

    • drkcmana

      @candyaurora You talk as if woman dont require men to be tall, something men can do absolutely nothing about.

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  • mistixs
    Lol OkCupid studies have also revealed that conventionally *ugly* women receive more messages than the *second most attractive* men:



    I wouldn't say attractive men are more valuable than attractive women, because attractive women get 500+ messages in their inbox, whereas the most attractive man gets 38, which is lower than the second-to-least attractive woman.


    Apparently 1/3 of women's sent messages turn into conversations, despite the fact that women usually message people more attractive than them. So more attractive men are more willing to talk with less attractive women than vice versa.
    • where most of the girls messages come from ugly guys lol. When you're a good looking guy, its like being god. Like i have friends who get so many girls and they have rich millionaire side girls too. Its so damn amazing

    • I've seen it myself lol. None of the messages matter if the guys look like complete shit.
      Quality > quantity

    • mistixs

      @naturaldeven4 True, it's more beneficial to be an attractive man than an unattractive man, but it's not more beneficial to be an attractive man than to be an attractive woman.

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  • ElissaDido
    This is not hourglass
    This is extreme pear shape
  • redeyemindtricks
    I keep trying to tell you people this, but... The MAJORITY of what you're calling "chiseled features" is simply...

    ::drum roll:: wait for it...

    ... having low body fat.

    Really, that's all it is.

    Seriously-- Almost ANY boy's face will start to look good if he gets shredded/lean enough.

    When a boy loses bodyfat, he also loses facial fat... whereupon, things like cheekbones, square jawline, etc. WILL begin to emerge.
    As long as the boy isn't a total idiot about styling his hair -- and doesn't have some weird hipster facial-hair shit going on -- his face WILL look good by the time he gets into the single-digit bodyfat percentages.


    If you look at the middle 3 frames of the "androgynous -- masculine" photo progression -- That could quite literally be the progression of a single individual, just losing a few percentage points of body fat from picture #2 to picture #3, and then again from #3 to #4.
    The LAST photo is structurally different (they've deepened and broadened the brow line, among other things), but, the effect there is almost comical.

    Conversely, if you take a boy who has what yr calling "chiseled features" rn -- (non-coincidentally, NONE of those boys will be fat...) -- and put 50 pounds of fat on him, then, his face will start to look like shit. He'll get those dumpy chipmunk-cheeks, that make him look like he's just spent all weekend on the losing end of his local Fight Club.

    Srsly... What the fuck dude. Haven't you ever seen a lean dude get fat? Or a fat dude get lean?
    If you watched that happen even once or twice, you'd realize how much of a line of bullshit this is, here.

    The VAST majority of these "physical attraction factors" are entirely under yr control. The only one that isn't is height, and there are plenty of women out there who are not height queens.

    So, in summary --
    Quit bitchin', hit the gym, and improve yourself.

    Or don't, and then believe this kind of bullshit as a convenient excuse for NOT improving yourself.

    Remember, God helps those who help themselves.
    • do you know how difficult it is to maintain 6% bodyfat lol.

    • probably not since you're chubby or fat lmao

    • Also...

      "80% of the women found men to be below average in attractiveness. While men tended to grade women more fairly and forgiving on looks"

      ^^ Do you not realize the COMPLETELY OBVIOUS reason for this?

      • How many selfies do you have on yr phone?
      • How many selfies does the average girl have on her phone?
      ... Yeah.

      Dude, most girls have literally HUNDREDS of selfies on their phones. They take them with LuMee lights, they use filters, they photoshop them, they do X and Y and fuckin' Z to them.

      Most boys have 0 selfies on their phones. They might take 1 or 2 to put up on a dating site, unless they have female friends who will coach them in the art of the selfie.

      THIS is the reason why the ratings are so disparate. Because the girls' pictures are, duhhhhhh obviously, BETTER than the guys' pictures. Because the girls pick the best out of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.


      How are people so stupid, as to not IMMEDIATELY recognize this?

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  • BuchitaBuchys
    "While men tended to grade women more fairly", male bias. I *love* it! Haha. Of course men are fair with standards and women are evil. Same tired rhetoric from GaG.

    You say that as if every woman is predisposed to have certain features like big boobs lol and guess what? Just as you suggested with boob implants, there are pec, cheek, and even ab implants.
    And I *love* how you say men want big boobs, suggest implants and still say that men don't like fake boobs lol you're contradictions are hilarious.

    And again, I love how you say hourglass figure as if it's so common, that's literally the rarest body type, and as you pointed out, rarer is more valuable.
    While you complain about bone structure or whatever that makes it so difficult for men to be attractive, guess what? Hourglass is bone structure as well!

    I'm getting really tired of this "women are not valuable and are terrible" mantra that is GaG.
    Everyone has their standards and it's up to them what they like, not you.
    • And race. Black, especially dark skin, women are constantly rated as least desirable. Along with Asian men.
      Features like light/fair skin, light eyes, light hair, thin nose, etc are constantly rated as more attractive.
      Features more common in white women than us ugly darkies.

    • ahah I love that gif

    • @redeyemindtricks I love that actress lol

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  • popsickle
    You're going the wrong way with this one dude. Biologically and socially speaking, men and women value similar but different things. It is how it is, I'm not saying right or wrong. Men DO value looks and youth more than women. It's not common to see a below average female with an above average male whilst the opposite is quite common. Women will look at career and money more than men do.
    • Actually when it comes to relationship yes but not ONS or short term flings. And men and women don't value similar things as you've pointed out men value looks, youth and women place more emphasis on status and wealth hence why we see more women going for older men for serious relationship than men going for older women (outside of just wanting easier sex).

      And the whole thing about women being better looking one in relationship is skewed for the following reason:

      1. Makeup. A woman could look extremely drop dead gorgeous with it but without it be of similar looks or lower than the man she is in a relationship with.

      2. Female beautyy is glorified while male beauty is not. We see evidence of this just from FB and social media alone where an average girl can post a pic and get 50+ likes on it. I can post a pic if you'd like while a male of similar level in looks to her can post a new pic of himself and will get few likes.

    • We even see evidence of this on gag where girls who are average or above average are being given scores like 15/10 or 9/10 by both men and women while a male post a pic is given scores like 5/10 or 6/10 even though look wise he is also average.

    • Besides my entire take isn't about attraction but physical attraction. Men can boost their attraction to women based on wealth, status and personality. However, physical attraction is based on what they see right in front of them which my take describes what women hold priority over.

      It's along the lines of handing photos of different men to women (without any backstory or indicators of wealth. status) and asking them would you fuck this guy or not based on what you see in front of you.

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  • PinkBunnyBunBun
    For the record, gold is valuable as it is highly unreactive, same with platinum both of which are less reactive than silver which is less than copper etc. other than that, nice theory.
    • For the record gold is valuable because it is still rare.

      " Gold has retained its value because it is still rare and people like to adorn them selves with it. Its rarity is explained at https://money.howstuffworks.com/question213.htm The site gives a guesstimate of total gold production since the beginning of human metallurgy as ten thousand million troy ounces (or if my sums are anything like right about 322 metric tones). Platinum is much rarer. "


      "And here lies the problem with gold. Its supply bears no relation to the needs of the economy. The supply of gold depends on what can be mined.
      In the 16th Century, the discovery of South America and its vast gold deposits led to an enormous fall in the value of gold - and therefore an enormous increase in the price of everything else."



    • And let's not pretend men and women don't value people who are easy to get or things in general that are easy to get.

    • So to summarize your banter to try and discredit the theory.

      The reason gold is valuable because it's rare (not too rare though), pretty and like you said not highly reactive and makes for decent currency.

  • nalaa
    Thats all BS. First of all the OKCupid data is meant to be anecdotal at best. Its not a scientific study, it doesn't prove anything.

    second of all, as for why women appeared to judge men they saw in pictures, harder than vice versa. Men suck at taking pictures, especially those on dating sites. 90% of pics I've seen on dating sites are awful or at least making them seem less attractive than they are.
    Since the world is so obsessed with how women look, most girls these days are quite skilled at taking good pictures and editing them to appear more attractive. In fact I think the whole premise of your take is false. I dont think the implied pattern at all holds in real life and men are in fact quite picky and judgmental when it comes to womens looks

    Yes women find masculine features attractive. Shocker. But there are also studies that suggest thats not necessarily what women respond since extremley attractive are persumed to be less good fathers and partners

    The what men find attractive in women is kinda ridicoulous. You claim to state why men find it attractive, but then you dont. Your examples of an hourglass shape is actually a pear shape and also photoshopped. And I mean ya sure make can do wonders, but that requires a lot of skill and time. If you think women put as much effort into it as the pics you posted, you're insane. For the most part make up makes a bit of a difference, especially if you have unclear skin but not too much.
    Also yoga pants and jeans dont automatically give you a great butt
    • You obviously missed the part where they took pictures from social media and other places and got the same results.

      Also your response about women about father, partner and husband is irrelevant. This is why a premise called alpha fucks/beta bucks is put in place that describe female mating strategy. When it's to get a boyfriend/Husband women will be weary of good looking/masculine men for reason you state but will not be for ONS, short flings, and where physical attraction takes paramount importance and personality, and other crap takes a back seat. This is why we notice a strong shift in women's behavior in the men they go for as they transition from their early 20's where they are more about fun compared to their late 20's and beyond where they become more serious about settling down.

    • The whole that's not women respond to study due to fear of bad partner, father is again irrelevant and only applies when women are looking for something serious and even then these men are not cut out from the race but women just are a little more weary of them. Women care about height and face. This is a fact it cannot be denied even when they are looking for relationship and not ONS.

      Women as a whole can be said to lower on physical looks for relationship but raise them for ONS. I've actually posted a quote from a girl and few others in response below where they talk about what they look for in ONS compared to relationship. This take isn't talking about personality and all that junk it's talking about physical (as in ones body) and what women find attractive.

      This is to say if we look at tinder where everyone is superficial and people use photos to swipe left or right would a girl swipe right on a guy based on his looks alone and no info of his status, money, personality.

    • Example of hourglass shape


      Looks pretty hourglass to me. And what i stated men find attractive in women is not ridiculous. Women can enhance their face with makeup i gave example on how much it improve and both men and women prioritize face. Men cannot change their facial features because a lot of waht women find attractive is heavily linked to bone structure.

      Men like big boobs and butt. Relates back toc hildren as stated. Everything we do is driven heavily with children in mind. it's why women care about money, status. Men women's youth, fertility, breast size, butt and so forth.

      Again missing my entire point. As I've stated everything women find attractive (physically) is genetically in built. men cannot get taller without severe nerve damage surgery, men cannot extend their clavicles, men cannot change facial features they are born with unless going under the knife.

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  • lyannamormont
    You talk about makeup like it is so cheap. You dont know how many different things one should buy. Also cheap makeup appliances, cheap look. On average you get a good eyeliner for around 50$ a good foundation/blush can go up to 2000$, a mid range good one is 150-200$. More to add you have concealers, highlighters, mascara, eyebrow pencil...

    Good makeup is complete with quality stylish clothing. If you as a female wear something same on consecutive days even guys ask what's going on. Nobody asks a guy when they wear same tie or shirt.

    Most women need to have hair removal session regularly. Either be it wax or laser to get rid of them forever. Wax hurts and it is not fucking cheap. A brazilian bikini starts from 40-50 dollars at least and you have to go every month if you dont wanna have razor cuts and burns and if you want smooth skin, which men want. Legs start around 80-100$. For laser, depends on hair and skin type, you need at least 5-6 sessions to see results. 6 sessions of armpit is around 900$ if you get a pack from a doctor monitor laser clinic. If you wanna go for your legs, 6-sessions cost at least 3500$. Unlike all, a man can look like a caveman and there will still be girls looking at him.

    And you getting surgery for big boobs or ass or lips is also so cheap (sarcasm) so every woman walks like a Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian like walking surgery wonder.

    An hourglass is also such an easy and cheap (sarcasm) thing to achieve. Women just walk slowly, no need to lift weights then they will get a toned proper body including hourglass... No comment on this. I go lift regularly to have proper posture and abs, and legs. I am lifting 120 pounds vs you lifting 230 pounds is not a problem. You consuming steroids to have that look is a problem and not all women are attracted to overly jacked guys.

    Especially after giving birth, not easy to maintain a proper form for an attractibe body. And your face won't look shiny either as you sleep less and you have tons of sleep marks like undereye bags because you take care of kid and dont have time for gym or wearing makeup or going out for fashion shopping.

    I think you're male that is why you cannot look at things feom female's perspective. Being a female, and being an attractive female are two different things. Apart from beauty by birth, female beauty needs more than male beauty. things , you put for being an attractive female, cost tons of money per month so being a female beauty is not cheap as you think
    • Plus good body for a woman cost more than it costs for a man healthwise. Everybody wants to be skinny it is not only gym thing, watching what you eat is often overexaggerated and many girls become bulimic/anorexic to look skinny, which affect them psychologically when they get older and they may even hurt the functionality of their digestion system for their whole life. I said affect their psychology and ruin their internal organs, i need to mention the condition of 'if they survive' because many girls die in real to look skinny as skinny is deemed to be a good body type.

    • Kylesar

      You're looking from a completely irrelevant point

      "More valuable" is as in societal, not monetary. Cost to look good means absolutely nothing in this Take

    • @Kylesar I am not only looking at it from the monetary view if you read the comment as well.

      Plus you mention women's view for men and how it is easy and cheap to do that. It is not societal view, as society consists of men too.

      Where is societal view in this summary? I think you do not read what you wrote. But it is okay mate, whatever floats your boat.
      "So to summarize. Attractive women are plentiful and cheap because women have all the resources available and means to increase their physical attraction. And men overall standards for beauty are lower than women. For things men are not compromising (weight), women can actively control and change that about themselves. While an attractive man is rare because women's physical attraction for men are based on genetic in built traits that they have from birth and a heavy placement on that is towards a male's bone structure."

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  • JohnDoe3000
    About that square jawline... You'd be surprised how many chubby/fat men would have a square jawline if they lost weight (they have round faces that obscure their true bone structure). Even if they don't have a square bone structure they would have less round faces which are more attractive to women.
    • Jessicocoa

      True. A nice face could be achievable just by losing weight.

  • posted
    "In an OKCupid study it was found that 80% of the women found men to be below average in "

    So depending on location you're looking at a lot of horny and sometimes very pathetic guys telling an average girl theyre 'the bestest, most amazing super model in the whole universe.' Lul... so girls with an over inflated ego who get hundreds/thousands of messages from guys and progressively more and more picky because of all the potential matches throwing themselves at them, are the main part of this 'study' of course they're going to find 80% of men MEH. Theyre all fighting over them they can be incredibly picky. If you want to do a study, ask average males and females who do not get 100 messages a day telling them how they deserve to be the queen of England.
    • TheSpartan

      So true.

    • But who was social media like FB where we have thirsty males doing just that for women? Just lol if you think girls don't go on tinder to stroke their egos or aren't on some kind of app on their phone right now for validation.

    • IamLouise

      @TheSpartan But we have instagram, fb, snapchat, tinder and all those other social media app and even gag her that supplies women with the 100+ message thing that you brought up for okcupid.

      Hence, a woman doesn't need to be on okcupid to get her fix for validation merely being on several social media website (which is common for most girls now a days) give the same level of message feed and attention.

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  • mikemx55
    For a man to be handsome, it's more about his attitude. The way he talks, the way he faces life. The way he tackles challenges. The way he behaves.

    For a woman, it's also that, but let's face it, it's much more about the looks, at least on the first impressions.

    Because of this, the mans attitude will be like that throughout his life, while the looks of the woman will greatly decrease. So a handsome man is definitely more valuable than an attractive woman. Because the man, isn't solely based on looks (usually). And for the woman even if she has the same qualities as the man, she'd be first judged by how she looks.
    • what you are talking about is something completely different which personality that plays a role in attraction. Physical attraction is a part of general attraction which is what my take is addressing.

      To get a better idea consider tinder where you only have pics of a person to judge. Essentially if a woman has a picture of what you look like and she were to give an honest rating of how hot you are and her willingness to fuck you based on just your pic is what physical attraction aspect i'm talking about.

  • MaLifeBeLikeOooAaah
    It's just subjective man...
    This is how it works. Guy find a girl hot. Girl finds a guy hot, done.
    Why even bother with what others think too anyway, no time for that.
    • Not really. Beauty is subjective yes but their is a generalized attractive standard. Look at ElissaDido mytake for example and compare the faces of these men to what i've listed above.


    • IamLouise

      Virgin detected:

      This is how it works. Guy find a girl hot. Girl finds a guy ok. Girl expects man to carry her on dates and chase her, or spit game in her direction to get her into bed.

      Guy finds a girl hot. Girl finds a guy hot. Girl immediately starts getting sexual and their fucking in a 1/2 hr to 2 hrs of meeting each other.

    • @IamLouise i see what you mean obviously there's that.

  • John_Doesnt
    It's true that it's more expensive for us to get in shape (and takes more commitment) but I'd have to disagree that women care more about the face than the body.
    My face is shit, but I know that if I hit the gym with good arm workouts my chances with women go up. It probably wouldn't matter at all though if I was rich and had a big dick.
  • anonman32
    the thing is that you can't have sex with all that fancy cosmetic stuff on. if you wear make up in bed it will get everywhere, on your pillow sheet on your bed sheets on your face, on your dick. high heels, make up, push up bras and whatever, it all only works until they are in your bed and all of that stuff has to come off.
    • And how many men do you know are going to pass up fucking a woman who is half decent looking once she's naked in front of him ready to get fucked?

    • anonman32

      i dont know man. the man you are talking to would be one. i dont know any men who are in ultra-made up women. no really, most guys here i have talked to are down to earth guys looking for women who dont do that stuff. here in Belgium if you are not interested in a woman there will not even by any speculation about sex. i mean, people know well beforehand when you like them or not. maybe i am biased because i dont live in the big city, here the country girls are not like city girls. look at my niece for example she is 18 and she trims hedges with her dad and stuff like that. she goes to beauty school but when its time to work that stuff comes off and she delivers. she's not gonna tell you that you should be doing her work because its a mans job. if you dont do your best she will come to you and take that chainsaw right out of your hands to show you how its done.

  • caspertheghost
    Lol bullshit. A girls beauty will always be a marketable and valuable asset, that they can capitalize monetarily on until they start to depreciate around 30-40.
    Men on the other hand usually have to have some sort of talent or skill besides their good looks in order to really make money.
  • BiscuitesSwag
    Like having an attractive face, shapely butt, big boobs and an hourglass figure aren't determined by genetics...
  • Aezaellex
    I don't really know how old this post is because I can't find anything that says how old it is, But I don't care, I'll say it anyway. Half the people in the comments are stupid af. The Person who made this post isn't a genius either, but a lot of you are criticising when you shouldn't be. If you're going to call someone stupid, at least do everyone a favor and spell check your comment.
  • vnmc1231231111
    ewww, lachowski has bug eyes when he is not squinting, never noticed before, respect lost and hope seen.

    apart from that, ur right, people are foolish not to see it. Follow me, u seem like my type of guy
  • adrianalima0
    Yeah because they're more rare than beautiful women are
    • BanFakeup

      No, they aren't. Women just have the priviledge of hiding their true faces behind fakeup. A truly beautiful woman is extremely hard to come by.

  • FrenchEmma
    Is the Asian girl with the wide hips supposed to look attractive? She doesn't have a hourglass figure but a pear shaped body.
    • BanFakeup

      You know you're less attractive than her.

  • Gommers
    Women also rate the top 20% of men as average attractiveness. So I don't put much value in the opinions of people who don't understand definitions of simple words or foundational math.

    • Actually 1 in 6 women found men to be above average. So that 16 2/3 men in the top 20% of males are considered above average which can range anywhere from smoking hot to cute.

      While 3 1/3 % are considered average. Look at the commendation below more carefully.

    • *Actually 1 in 6 men were found by women to be above average in looks.

      Top 20%

      16 2/3%= Above average (cute to incredibly hot)

      3 1/3% = Average

      80% of male = Below average (Butt ugly - Meh).

    • Gommers

      That's actually what I thought the 20% rule was, but it seemed too over the top to be right. Thanks for correcting me.

  • idkthus
    Nice thread man.

    The main difference is I`ve seen a lot of guys who would have sex with any females for ons (because of sexual desire).

    For most women, it's impossibl, even if she is not attractive at all.
    • idkthus

      I don't agree with the handsome part though,
      A lot of women I know don't take men's looks that much.
      as far as I've noticed, a man with higher social status is considered more valuable.

  • jadexo
    I think your point ignores objective attractiveness. While most women can be percieved as reasonably attractive by men if they have the right makeup on and such, the number of women who are actually attractive is still pretty low. The number of women who are attractive with minimal makeup is similar to the number of attractive men.

    Plus, heavy makeup to make you look "hot" to men if you're actually average or worse is so so so noticeable in real life. So it's not like the 10 who looks flawless with all her makeup on is going to be a 2 when she takes it off. If anything that heavy makeup will bring a girl down.

    And I think girls sometimes perceive average looking men as "hot" just because they have a six pack or dress nicely (or are famous). Benedict Cumberbatch is objectively unattractive yet some women act like he's the hottest thing on this planet, when you know they wouldn't give him a second glance if they saw him walking on the street.
  • ThisDudeHere
    Not this again...
    • This was done before? Link please?

    • If you're on gag all the time, you will come across something bitter like this every day.

    • Oh i get you now. Your one of those guys who think anything short of kissing woman's ass is bitter. This take is based on reality and women's action on what they find physically attractive. There isn't any bashing here but just overall truth message.

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  • Polocrew
    Lift because u about to go pro at NFl and you already have hunkd ripped face OP
  • datgirl
    Jesus christ! The figure on that girl. Making me feel like crap about mine now ugh.
  • Pilulu
    I don't have an hourglass figure. I'm apple shaped. And I'm not allowed to wear make up.
  • sillyveraaa
    This. This is really accurate.
  • Keepcalm89
    Too long!
  • Rocks_and_Lumber
    that chart can't be right
    • gold has uses. for one thing it's easy to identify compared to say the other billion silver faggoty metals.

    • I actually posted a video not too long ago stating why gold is valuable. To summarize it's rare (but not too rare), it's least reactive of any metal so it won't corrode to thing like water or oxygen making it very suitable to use for currency and it's pretty to look at.

      It's actual been shown in response to another girl who tried to bring up this that the price of gold fluctuates once gold becomes readily more available.

    • Silver is also suitable for currency but it's less prettier than gold hence it's less valuable.

      "In the 16th Century, the discovery of South America and its vast gold deposits led to an enormous fall in the value of gold - and therefore an enormous increase in the price of everything else."

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  • h3yev3ryb0dy
  • Anonymous
    Yes a handsome man is more valuable to me than an attractive woman
  • Anonymous
    A lot of girls actually would place height as number 1. You can have a nice face, good body, broad shoulders and be their race of preference, but if you're too short or you don't have the height they want then they will reject you.
  • Anonymous
    Plus a handsome guy is much more beautiful than a female. He doesn't wear tons of makeup to look different. He is himself and thats more real. Plus, in the animal kingdom, males are the beautiful ones like the lion, peacock.
  • Anonymous
    Women are so screwed in modern dating. Good luck girls... competing over a few men, haha. Women shot themselves in the foot
  • Anonymous
    Lol the men on gag are totally dumb and pander up to women waaaayy to much.

    On the one hand you guys complain about women being too picky, some of you are virgins still and you all white knight the shit out of women on this site and across social media and wonder why they think they are too good for you.

    then in a take where a woman is bashing men for being too unattractive or saying all men want sex you'll bring up the fac that women only think that because they are chasing the same pool of men over and over who are usually good looking (oh wait just like the okcupid graph says).

  • Anonymous
    More feminist brainwashing.
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, because men who are actually good looking are pretty rare.
  • Anonymous
    One is the reason I never work out or eat healthy. Not that I'm beautiful but I do have a decent enough face. I've always known that face triumphs body every time. So while my friends are dieting and exercising, I'm sitting at home and eating ice cream. I'm not exactly fat either though. I'm not skinny I have some fat in the belly but it's only a bit. I'll always win over a girl I know who is fit but her face is ugly.
    • Justin201

      ur 25-29, many years past ur prime...

    • Anonymous

      If you believe that you're in for a sad life. Men don't only go for women 24 and under... if that were the case every single woman in the world would be single at 25. My sister got married at 30 and he's still in love with her even though she's 35. I know plenty of other women who are in relationships who are my age.

    • if you're fat, or chubby, face doesn't triumph and you'll never win over a fit ugly girl lol. k333p dreaming

  • Anonymous
    All I got to say is women are fucked without makeup or cosmetics lol
  • Anonymous
    How are you an editor? 😐
    • bobbyxx

      All the Editors are the same.