When you can never get enough of each other

When you can never get enough of each other

Relationships are sweet. They may be full of ups and downs but ultimately, they are sweet.

It is like a dance of two hearts till they eventually become one. This state of being one births a lot- so many emotions, beautiful moments and numerous investments until you two can never get enough of each other. You would want to talk all the time, see each other always and everything would remind you of that special person.

As you progress through your relationship and you are more and more consumed with each other, you must be careful because everything else around you will start to get small. Let me explain what I mean. Not wanting to ever be away from each other means that other relationships and even goals we should pay attention to can start to suffer. There is a place of balance and you must find it.

I have seen instances where a guy would esteem his relationship so much that his work would begin to suffer. I have also seen a lady who is a student miss lectures because she is in the guy’s house, washing and cooking while he attends lectures. You think these people are crazy? Well, it is because they allowed their worlds revolve around one person and so their partners were magnified while everything else seemed distant.

When you can never get enough of each other is when you should become more vigilant. Being in a relationship that is going so well can be heady feeling and it is almost addictive, like heroin. Don’t lose yourself in the relationship. It is good to be all over each other but that special person is not all that makes your world go round. They might spice it up a great deal but he or she is not everything.

i was really touched by this article and i realised that in life we shouldn't take each other for granted especially if we both know that we really need each other in our lives.

When you can never get enough of each other
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