Ladies, Do You Have A Man?


Ladies find themselves in this situation in most cases but they have no idea what to do or think when they are caught in it.

Ladies do you have a man? becoming a man begins... what makes a man?

A man is a lot of things. He means differently to the various people to whom he has responsibilities to fulfill. That brings me to the crux of the matter: Ladies, do you have a man?

Oh no, don’t be in such a hurry to say, ‘yes’. A man here does not simply mean an individual of the male gender. Like I said earlier, a man is a lot of things.

To me, a defining attribute of a man is his ability to leave his father’s house. Again, this is another figurative statement. There are some men, real men who may still live at home with their parents; in such cases, they must have matured early. Anyway, what I mean by leaving his father’s house is that even if he is still under his parent’s roof, he has a mind of his own.

I cannot overemphasize how important it is for a man to be able to think for himself, make his decisions (and sometimes, mistakes) and then stick by them. You would be surprised to find a guy who lives miles away from their parent’s house but has to place a call home before he makes any move. This guy may even be well into his thirties o. It is so sad and to think that there are ladies dating such men is just disheartening.

So, again I ask, do you have a man?

If you realize you don’t, I won’t advise you to dump him. I have no right. More so, his case is not beyond redeeming. If he is willing to see reason, you two can work together to helping him cut his unnecessary and embarrassing ties with his family.

Having a man is important so you can be sure you have a pillar to rely on for advice, who will have your back and weigh issues to make a sound judgment.

Do you think you have a MAN?

Ladies, Do You Have A Man?
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  • mjz00
    hey, no not currently lol but i want one like you describe haha. it seems even guys in the forties are going back home nowadays when things haven't worked out for them... only from some personal experience the lines and roles have become so blurred it has seemed that some men have lost a sense of what and who they are and a great deal of masculinity with it. im not saying its any different for women me included, I've become a mother who has a home, financial independence, has lived alone for sometime now with my children and for me it would take a real man of character and sense of self to make me even attempt to get to know him and perhaps have a relationship... xx