3 Simple Secrets to Keep Your Boy Happy, True, and Forever Kneeling at Your Feet!

3 Simple Secrets to Keep Your Boy Happy, True, and Forever Kneeling at Your Feet!

Yes, I am quite serious, but the bigger question is…are you?

There are three secrets…BIG SECRETS, to keeping your boy happy, true and forever kneeling prostrate at your feet.
Yes, I said it!
It's all contained in 8 short words. These eight words will change your relationship with him forever.
Every minute he is away from you will seem like an eternity to him. He will lose concentration at work thinking about you and will dream of you night and day. He will want to name streets after you and erect your statue in the middle of Times Square in New York!

The florist will run out of flowers for you and you will forever blush in front of the multitudes of others astounded by all the praise he will constantly lavish upon you. You don't believe me do you? You are wondering what magic potion I am going to tell you how to mix up, or what spell I have in mind for you to put upon your boy, aren't you? But…yes, to some extent, it is a spell.

Have you begun to imagine what impossible scenario I may have concocted that is far beyond your reach and ability to carry out? You have, haven't you? And it's the "impossible" part you are focused on, isn't it? Well, I won't keep you guessing much longer.

As follows are just three... yes, I said ONLY THREE things he will ever need from you to keep him spell bound for a life time!

All three things are contained in these eight simple words.
Are you ready? Here they are...



Do you know how impossible these 3 things are for most girls today? Really? Are they impossible for you? They are? …3 SIMPLE things? Fail to come through on any one of these at your own peril! SUCCESS on each and every one and you will live a life of pampering and pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, in a perpetual relationship, with him worshiping you at your feet, forever! TODAY is the day of reckoning... yes, the next move is yours.

At this moment, you are standing at the crossroads, there are just two simple choices to make...

The one you choose will be your final one either way, and here they are...

1) Heed the opportunity you have now been given, this day, or...

2) Ignore the voice of truth, reason and wisdom.

In reality, and sadly, most girls choose number 2…Yes, I said CHOOSE! Because it is a choice. Which will you choose? ...Your choice.

How do I know all this at such a young age you ask? Well...

I have a very wise mother... AND A DADDY THAT WORSHIPS AT HER FEET!


Most Helpful Guy


    Best advice ever, ESPECIALLY the no nagging bit.

    • Thank you for "getting it" Mr J!
      Judging by some of the comments I have gotten, for many, it goes over their heads :)
      You are most kind to take the time for such a wonderful reply!

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    • You know, that is a great question. Statistically, most girls do want the typical masculine male provider, by far, so you are looking for the other portion.
      I really think this would be an excellent question for you to propose to the GAG community and get some feed back from some of those girls that do lean that direction, seriously.
      Best wishes to you :)

    • Thanks! Best wishes to you as well, good suggestion.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well said:
    Right to the point and actually very simple! Really!


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What Guys Said 43

  • Treat your man like a king and he will treat you like a queen (and vice versa). Sounds wonderful but some men are lazy sons of bitches who take things for granted and some women will get bored of a guy who lays "prostrate" at their feet. For the couples who truly live to serve one another and love being givers for each other, then I can picture it being a wonderful relationship full of good food, great sex, fair arguments, and adventure (whatever that means to the two of them).

  • I read that as "kneeling prostate* at your feet"
    This reminds me of when my grandfather said "In order for a man to be happi in a marriage, he needs to be fed, he needs good sex, and he needs to be left alone for a few minutes everyday". As you can see, you are right. Great food, better sex, and no nagging is similar to leaving him alone.

  • Yeah that's stupid. Food, sex and don't be a bitch? Maybe men with really low standards will be fine with that, but quite honestly if he has a shred of self respect he would be setting the bar a "tad" higher then that. Completely inaccurate and worthless.

  • Well... i agree that those three are important but this isn't averything... no nagging okay this is really annoying but that doesn't mean that you don't debate at all... and you have support him like you expecting him to support you too... take care of him at his bad time we all know that life never been easy and it will never be... you stress of life job bills saving money for kids school planing for the future... etc... it's all on you or on him it's on both of you... you have to strugle together as a team you're biulding home not house it's harder than running a big company you have to take resbonsibility both of you raising kids boys or girls is not easy and this is the most stressfull thing ever specially teenagers... and there's a lot more than that... but the most important part of all that is you have to love them not just him you to love the idea of marrige and you have to remember can be happy all the time... so you both have to strugle to make it work... great take by the way this is better than discussion sex this is a real thing... have a nice day.

  • Wow, where to start with this?

    Perhaps with your complete oversimplification of relationships and people's individual needs within them.

    Then the way you've objectified men, with your lack of perception of them as individual intellectual people with individual needs.

    What about love languages? You've mentioned absolutely nothing about that, either.

    You seem to think it's just about feeding him, fucking him, and then giving him some space.

    Have you ever been in an actual adult relationship? You're clearly not in one at the moment.

    • I don't even like the term to be a nag.
      Sometimes the other person doesn't notice their spouses need for help.

    • @Goodwifie Yes, quite.

      Suffer in silence is what this Take appears to be advocating, if I'm reading it correctly?

    • Yep just totally disregard your own feelings and only worry about his needs.
      I'm going to get to work on my own opinion about this.

  • Well a man is human being not a sex robot, so he would kneel before you but you got one thing right,
    "High expectation requires Hard work" and can't just ask anyone to give in everything but give nothing in return. If anyone know this, She is a rare gem and don't waste a sec to put a ring on her.
    2)"Problems can be solved" so don't take the bitchy way out by filing for divorce.
    "Marriage is beginning of a relationship not an end"

  • Woah, that is actually impressive.
    It is almost like you have kept boys in your laboratory and examined them quite often as they grew up and studied them closely and came into these conclusions. Well, that is your knowledge and knowledge is power. And here you are sharing that power. :)

    Although I can cook myself, I wouldn't mind cooking even faster together ♥
    So yeah, basically affection+sex and no nagging (provided I did things, that had to be done) for me.

    "The one you choose will be your final one either way, and here they are...

    1) Heed the opportunity you have now been given, this day, or...

    2) Ignore the voice of truth, reason and wisdom.

    In reality, and sadly, most girls choose number 2…Yes, I said CHOOSE! Because it is a choice. Which will you choose? ... Your choice."

    So very true I can't even think of any words for this. It's quite sad actually.

    • Thank you so much Mr U and for taking your valuable time to reply this way in such detail.
      I do not take it lightly. You are very sweet for sure and will make some lucky girl a most valuable prize!

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    • To exhaust that question would take some time. Watch for another "MyTake":)

    • Okay ☺❤
      I will be waiting for it 💕

  • Good job. You worded it a little different than I do, but it's the same. Mine:
    1. Food
    2. Sex
    3. Love/attention/respect

    We did a survey awhile back on a mens forum, the question was, "What would your SO say is a man's most important basic need from his woman?"
    About half of them got it right, but the other half said something like 'friendship' or 'companionship', and about half of those said they couldn't be bothered with these, that they were stupid, didn't believe it, or simply refused.

    Guys are really simple. You take care of their basic needs and they'll swim through shark infested waters to bring you lemonade. _Dr. Laura

    Otherwise, hope they like cats. LOL

    • Outstanding reply Mr B! and I love Dr Laura's quote which is very true:)

    • Love my second wife, she dotes, didn't get the 'nag gene', and thinks I'm brilliant. And she's in a nymph in the bedroom.
      It's been almost thirty years.

      OTOH, she won't speak up when something IS important, so it goes both ways. LOL

  • You know how to get a guy to constantly think about you and want to be with you, make sure he loves you.

    This whole thing described love. These are not individual things to do to keep a guy around. These are examples of love.

  • True. Stop nagging and do your job. Easy. Men are moderate and don't expect reason and accountability in women. This will be tolerated if she is just doing what a girl should do. A men will show her that he loves her if she is worth it.

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What Girls Said 19

  • Okay so let's turn this around.

    1) Great food as far as I'm aware of most of the world's top chefs are men so I think you've got this one guys. 👍

    2) Even better sex.
    What can I say boys?
    You can't cook a chook in a cold oven so don't try putting it in until turned it on 👉👌. I'm talking about foreplay guys actually it can be dragged out all day by flirting with her, make her feel gorgeous.

    3) Nagging.
    How to stop it or even prevent it altogether.
    Just get up and get the shit done that needs to be done.

    • Upvoted :) It sounds good! I like that.

    • @Unit1 thank you.
      I was half expecting a heap of guys to object to my opinion.

    • Those kinds of boys aren't boyfriend material.
      I like women, who are cooperative and honest. 👩😍

  • "Nagging" is just a perception of somebody trying to communicate their needs and not feeling heard.

    • Excellent take Ms Samhradh, and you are to be highly commended for such an observation under standard and normal circumstances.
      However, for the boy that receives such impossible, and extraordinary, treatment and care, THERE WILL NOT BE any "communication of her needs that will not be heard":)
      Quite to the contrary... the slightest whisper into his ear by her will be heard as that of a symphony orchestra for the girl that can, and will, carry out such a feat as this one.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s wishful thinking. No matter how much you care about someone and want to make them happy, sometimes you don’t understand what they want or you’re distracted by something else. We’re only human here. Yes there are times when “nagging” can cross a line but for the most part, people will think something is “nagging” just because it’s not something they want to hear. It’s a matter of perspective.

  • Your evaluation is real. I deeply think of keeping him happy and mine.
    Thank you.

    • এবং আমার পোস্ট মিসেস আফরোজিয়া আপনার প্রশংসার জন্য আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ। তুমি খুবই মিষ্টি!

      Ēbaṁ āmāra pōsṭa misēsa āpharōjiẏā āpanāra praśansāra jan'ya āpanākē dhan'yabāda. Tumi khuba'i miṣṭi!

      And thank you for your compliment of my post Ms Afrajakia. You are so sweet!

    • Thank you

  • I fucking agree, Love this take! Great job! I've seen some girls who just name the fuck out of their guy and it's painful to watch.

    • Thank you for liking my post Ms Elle, you are very wise and sweet:)
      ... and I must say "SMART" if you are doing university mathematics... wow!

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    • @aa180 I do economical mathematics, so not pure. But yeah I always did like maths

    • @EllezBellez98 yeah I saw that you do economical instead. Still wife material though ;)

  • Uh, my grandma nailed the great food and no nagging ever part. I really don't want to know about the sex part, but they have more kids than I ever want for myself. It didn't stop him from daily telling her how stupid she is. So much for happy true and forever kneeling.

  • I actually suffer on the three


    I grew up with a nagging mum
    I can cook just a bit.
    I was wild in the bedroom in my early 20s

    All my relationships (only had 2) always complain on my nagging attitude which is my struggle as I dont like it neither. I dont wanna be nag at anyways too.
    Golden rule applies here in a relationship which it is hard to shape for me but hoping to achieve on my end in my current second relationship now.

  • Why does this sound like one of those clickbait advertisements? Are scientists mad at these 3 secrets too? ;p

  • Oh but if it were so easy.

    Also, kneeling is kneeling, and lying prostrate is lying prostrate - not the same physical act.

  • @alexei1000
    Kneeling at Your Feet?
    what does this mean?
    you're exactly where you should be... ; )

  • I'll definitely keep this in mind for if I ever get a boy. You are awesome 😘😘😘

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