Don't ignore the RED FLAGS!! Signs he might be playing you😒

Getting lead on
Getting lead on

I been played before. It happen twice and to this day I have a hard time trusting guys. It still hurt me a little to this day because I really wanted to date the guy but I found out he had a girlfriend so I stop talking to him. I felt hurt and betrayed but someone better came along.

> He keeps reiterating that he is not a player - One of the early signs that will tell you that a guy is a player is when he asserts constantly that he is not one. When a man expressly keeps on saying that he is not a player even when he has not been provoked then that means that he is one.

> He doesn't get too involved emotionally - When a man is a player then he will avoid getting emotionally involved with you. He will not delve in to details of how you think or feel but will continue to keep things at a very superficial level.

> He will say anything to get you into bed - A player is one guy who is willing to say anything to get a woman in bed. If you find a man promising you the sun, the moon and the stars too early in the relationship then there is something amiss. He is saying all this because he is desperate to get you into bed.

> He will never try to connect with you - A player will never connect with you other than when he meets you. He will rarely answer your text messages and will always be busy if you call just to talk to him. He will always say that he is busy. But when a person really likes another then he will find the time.

> His date plans are always last minute - He will call you only when you both can do nothing else but to hang out at home and play hooky. He will also cancel out on you at the last moment without even feeling bad about it.

> He can make you feel guilty for overreacting - If you ask him to spend time with you or blame him for not connecting emotionally he will turn around and play the guilt card on you and say that you are the clingy one.

> He will be careless and ruthless at times - All He is interested in is having a great time and getting his way with you. He will be careless about things that matter and without realizing it - will be pretty ruthless when it comes to hurting you. Beware of this type of man, as he can leave you feeling devastated and unhappy.

> His attention will be wavering - He will not be able to give you his undivided attention. Instead he will always be distracted around you. He will be bored and look for attention at the first opportunity. If he is not really interested in you, you won't be able to grab his attention.

> He won't want to give you ideas about the future - Any mention of getting serious would put him off and his talk will become stilted and his manner will grow cold. He will do all he can to discourage you getting any ideas about the future.

> He will tend to make false promises - He will tend to make false promises and will find it difficult to keep them! Even if he does promise you things, it will just be to keep you quiet and satisfied for the moment. You will find it difficult to trust him as time goes on.

> He will cool off if you try to get serious - The moment you try to get him to put a ring on your finger - he will begin to withdraw. A player is just there to enjoy the "present". All plans for the future will not include you! He is just out to get his needs satisfied and because of this selfish attitude, he will find it hard to settle down with anybody.

> He will become demanding and selfish after a while - In the beginning he will be loving, adoring and compatible. He will try to put you at ease. But as time wears on, he will start to slip up and reveal his true colors! Before your very eyes he will start to change. Where once he was giving and accommodating, now he will be demanding and selfish. This is because he is only out to satisfy himself and is not interested in settling down with you. If you think you are getting played and you want to be sure feel free to dm me anytime. I will help you and give you advice.


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