A True Man's Love


The story of a guy whose love didn't know any Boundaries here it goes.

Young Love

The early friendship of the classmates

In a college there are students the story revolves around a shy guy but talented and focused and beautiful soft hearted girl equally talented as the guy so as the days passed they boy and the girl became friends and studied together they exchanged numbers, started chatting life was going good and they were growing found of each other. As the days passed the guy fell in love with the girl but was hesitant to tell her classic i know.

He wrote a love letter but torn it down the girl had the idea that the boy liked her but she waited if he could approached her with stammering words and stumbling foot steps he tried to express his love but failed and he said nothing and sat at the back corner of the desk shivering and blaming himself for his weakness on the other hand the girl was secure and went to him hold his hands and said "I Love You" I know you love me and you do too she smacked his head with love the guy was overjoyed and they both were in a relationship now they enjoyed the college days and prepared for the MBBS examinations they helped each other to succeed everything was going well.

Joy of Love
Joy of Love

The Past

Now the Guy2 enters.

Guy2 is a child hood friend of the girl and he also loved the girl and she had feelings for him in the past, ofcourse to maintain the transperency of relationship she had told her history to Guy1 and he was having trust on the girl and had placed exceptional amount of faith in his love.

Guy2 had come after many years to the meet the girl they bonded over there history and connection she was in a different world they clicked again like two peas in a pod but Guy2 had come with intentions of proposing the girl but remained silent for now.

So the Guy2 said with girl in there home and made friends with even Guy1. One day Guy2 and Girl went to lake on long drive to a beautiful lake they kept talking it was evening and the Guy2 Kissed the Girl she lost her senses and enjoyed the act then she told to stop him and told him that she is engaged to Guy1.

The Doubt.

So the Guy2 moves out of there house and days pass by the girl is riddling with guilt of kiss so she one fine day tells the Guy1 that Guy2 kissed her at a lake shocked Guy1 for a moment consoles the girl being the true lover he is tells the girl you were both intimate in past things happen don't worry but the girl accepts the reality that she kissed him back with the same passion as he did and she liked it very much and she Didnot stop him crying into the arms of Guy1,still Guy 1 loved her to pieces and says mistakes happens it's fine and they live a normal life again.

The betrayal
The betrayal

The Betrayal.

SO College days are going fine they are focused towards there goals of becoming future doctors.

Then one fine day Guy2 messages the girl I miss you I really wanted to be with you I love we have a connection we have history we are made for each other the girl starts thinking and she hides messages from Guy1. For her own reasons which are unclear at the moment.

Guy2 keeps messaging her daily they build connection as friends again now Guy2 asks the girl do you really love Guy1 his clearly not your type i know you very well. She says i dont know really but i dont want to hurt him Guy1 is such a nice loving and caring guy I like him very much. While she's goes to the bathroom keeps the mobile where Guy1 is having Coffee without knowing that hell is going to break down on him. So being the trusting lovers they were they didn't keep passwords on phone so Guy2 sends message to the girl why don't you dump him if you don't love him. GUY1's heart shatters into pieces his legs starts shaking his soul cries but even more hurtful seeing that his girls reply of uncertainty and doubt.

Dismantling of heart.
Dismantling of heart.

The Ultimate Sacrifice.

Guy1 could not bear the pain, not of his own but his girls thinking upon less of him and there connection decides that he should be the one to step away so they could live happily. Guy1 starts behaving oddly and hurtful to girl so that she would break up with him he says he needs some space she moves out thinking it would be for few days. Days turn into weeks the Guy1 with rock on his heart and tears in his soul ignores her and doesn't speak to her she tries to call him multiple times he doesn't respond she leaves him messages asking for the reason for his behaviour he tells her that he has found a new girl and he cheated with her so he could of take the guilt and decided we need to breakup the girl Didnot beleive knowing what his character is she holds his collar and demands a logical answer he tells that this is the truth she says i loved you so much why are you doing this to me you are going to break to my bones she is in shock still she waits for three months trying to reach him every way possible and decides to move on with Guy2. Guy2 calls Guy1 and asks him I can't believe you cheated on the girl if it was not for her you would be dead by now. Then Guy2 and Girl get engaged and have a baby.

Happy family
Happy family

The Conclusion.

If you are looking for the ending there isn't one. Only more questions if you could try to answer.

1.whose mistake was it?

  • The girls for being unsure when Guy2 asked her did she love him she told "I don't know why"?
  • Was the answer not to hurt Guy1 or really it was meant to Guy2
  • Why do you think she couldn't choose one directly and maintained confusion and who she really was in love with?
  • Was it fair for her to marry Guy2?

2.Was Guy1 right in letting her go?

  • Should he have stopped her and made her understand?
  • Or it was a right decision to free her from the situation because he loved her beyond anything?
  • Should he have confessed to her that he saw the messages and set her free at least tried remain friends after there marriage instead of disappearing?

3. How did you want this story to end if you were the fate maker.

The Enigma?
The Enigma?

This is first Mytake so please be kind and excuse wordings and grammar mistakes. I know it's long but it's worth the read.

A True Man's Love
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Most Helpful Girl

  • _gigi18

    This is basically like Gilmore girls but without as much drama Rory had a boyfriend dean but then a new guy Jess comes to town and is smitten. Over time Rory and Jess become friends. Jess is forced to move away again but when he comes back Rory sees jess and kisses him. Few months down the line Dean breaks up with Rory because he can't stand knowing Rory likes Jess. First of all in your mytake the girl shouldn't of hidden anything she shouldve been 100% honest. Second of all Guy 2 is very selfish she's taken he can profess it once and back off. Move on. Guy one had every right to end it with her he loved her and saw she was tormented by the decision. Out of respect and admiration he stepped back I don't agree with him lying about cheating. I see his logic because it's kind of like the song reason to hate you by Rhys Lewis "say you've been unfaithful to me because I need a reason to move on and without one I know I won't". Guy 1 makes the girl hate him to allow her to move on faster and be happy. I'd rather the truth was the truth. He couldn't have stuck around because the feelings will always be there.

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    • Appreciate you putting your time on this in your words how would you have like the story to be ended

    • _gigi18

      Probably with now it is. If the parents get divorced that kid is scarred for life. Hey its life someone was bound to get hurt rather it be guy one than the kid.

    • _gigi18

      *the kid is defenceless and didn't ask to be born. Guy one chose to go out with her and lie. He made his bed now he should lie in it

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty

    Sounds like she was young and didn't know what she wanted. The first guy was right to step away. The minute someone betrays you, their actions spoke the truth more than any words can say

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    • But she loved Guy1 to core also. Second there is a possibility that she said to Guy2 in reality she didn't want to hurt him some girls say such things kinda sugar coated rejection.
      In that case Guy1 sacrificed in vain?

    • No I don't think so. If she really loved him, she wouldn't of been with the other guy so easily

    • She was just washed away with feelings and did a mistake, but was honest in admitting it, and she waited three months when guy 1 avoided her and disappeared so she moved on

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  • DizzyDesii

    I got confused along the way but inkeep
    tryna tell people the childhood friend is powerful. Im still crushing on mine so if he interferes witha new relationship, i’d prob choose the childhood friend too if the new guy and i aren't more than 3 months in 🤷‍♀️

    • That's not right though why don't confirm before?

    • DizzyDesii

      I always tell guys that if my childhood crush Bo comes back before we’re official then they may lose me

    • I don't really see how that's going to work or they would take you seriously? Would you do the same if a guy puts the same condition not judging just curious of thd possibilities

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  • Unit1
    • It is not worth fighting over a woman (as it's not worth fighting over a man). Find one, that won't bring harm your way.
    • Guy1 is insecure - the opposite of confident by taking blame on him. He should have been honest and say "I see you like Guy2 more. So why don't we get this over with here and now?". What he did turns women off guaranteed!
    • Yes, the girl already knew that she should have told the guy1 right?

    • Unit1

      doesn't matter. he knew whats happening. he made his (poor) choice.

  • Susu1993

    Well... she didn't know what she want at first place. I think Guy1 should have discussion with her about it. Both need the opportunity to say things out loud and face to face. Whatever happen in that conversation they can decide what to do. But he just decide to step out side without knowing for sure what she feel for him. And he also lie to her and treat her bad. That's immature. In my opinion she was insecure about what to expect in a relationship and seeing guy2 in her life again make her questioned her expectations in a relationship. And to that to happen is because there is something that is not satisfactory in the relationship because probably was never spoken. So next time say the thing that need to be say even if they difficult to say.
    The end... that divorce with guy2 and married guy3... 😂😂😂

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