A Long Distance Relationship That Worked!


After I got home the other morning from work, I went for a jog. I saw an old lady I hadn't seen in weeks. She is at the park every morning at 6:30 am on the dot. So when I hadn't seen her, I had feared the worst. Luckily she is ok. I walked up to her and told her I was happy to see her and was worried about her.

All it took was a few special days to form that everlasting connection
All it took was a few special days to form that everlasting connection

She was very touched and we began talking. She hadn't been to the park in 20 days she told me because her husband fell and got hurt and she was taking care of him. He is 91 years old and she is 85! She was telling me how much she loves her husband.

She kept talking and mentioned how they met in Florence Italy when she was 19 years old. She was from a small town in Switzerland and he was from New York. They spent the next 3 days walking around, exploring the city and its museums before sharing addresses and parting ways.

Florence circa 1955
Florence circa 1955

They have been married since she was 23 years old. Their relationship has lasted 62 years. I couldn't believe it! I asked her how did they keep in touch, she said for 3 years he sent her letters every week. He even traveled to Switzerland to meet her family and ask for marriage! Not only that. He promised her family he would pay every year for plane tickets so she could return to Switzerland whenever she pleased. He put in the effort and made the sacrifices in order to get his one true love. He bought a home for her in 1960 and ever since they have lived in the same home together.

Often times I hear people complain or say long distance relationships are a waste of time. I think today it should be easier than ever to make them work. However I think our culture has made it so we are afraid to commit and are to keen on breaking promises as soon as we get the opportunity to meet someone new. We also lack the courage to make the tough decisions. This lady had to leave her family in Switzerland for the chance of love and it worked! I kept thinking about how if either one of them lost faith in those first 3 years of sending letters, they would have never married.

Time + Effort = Love
Time + Effort = Love

I thought I might share this so everyone who is currently in an LDR can realize that being faithful committed, open and honest can lead to happiness long term. I also hope they can realize that it takes sacrifice from both sides to make a life that works together. One person must leave their home behind to make a new home.

I hope everyone else has a lovely day! <3 Thanks for reading!

A Long Distance Relationship That Worked!
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  • menina
    This a beautiful and inspiring story! ❤❤❤❤ They really love each other :)

    I guess nowadays LDR's don't work because people want something fast, they want someone who is always ready to be with them and please them. Plus, plane tickets are more expensive and the cost of living in most countries is high.
    There are people who weren't made for long distance relationships.
    I was in a LDR once and it didn't work. He was always suspicious, didn't want to make some sacrifices to meet me in person and he didn't trust me.
    I don't want to date guys from the country where I live (I have my reasons) but I'm not going to put myself in a LDR again. Sometimes it can cause you more harm than good.
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    • _SOARER

      I agree, I had 1 LDR and I was travelling often. It didn't work because of trust issues.(There was 0 reason for the distrust)
      It really is about the right person :)

      Thank you for reading and sharing your story. People should be patient and prudent before entering and LDR for sure <3 :)

    • menina

      I'm sorry to hear about your story. I guess it happened the same that happened to me. He also had no reason to be suspicious.
      I agree, it takes the right person. :)

      You're welcome. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! :) That's true. :)

    • menina

      Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • Anonymous
    I think anything can work, I met my husband online when he was 13 and we stayed friends for a long time.
    After me and my ex broke up he asked me out and we've been together for nearly eight years.
    Sure a lot can change, but if you really love someone you stick it out. I won't say it's easy, sometimes I think I really hate him and I'm sure he feels the same but we get over it.
    I've learned that love isn't just being over the moon for someone. It's choosing that person, choosing to love someone even when you don't want to. Its easy to walk away, but it takes a lot more to stay and fight through it.
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    • _SOARER

      Beautifully put, thank you for sharing <3
      We need to stick through the hard times, to get to the good times <3

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  • Thanks for sharing this story. We are all given so many reasons to be pessimistic about relationships, and particularly long distance relationships, so it is uplifting to hear what can happen when two people sincerely commit themselves to each other.
    • _SOARER

      Thank you for reading! That was my hope, that this would increase morale in dating and relationships. We live in cynical times, so we can always look to the past for motivation :)

    • We live in a disposable world and I fear that the notion of commitment had been supplanted by the reflex to discard and replace rather than maintain and repair. Relationships take work but they yield a treasure that has no substitute.

  • Prettygurl12
    LDRs can and do work. My husband and I spent the majority of our dating and engaged time LD due to our schoolings.

    Lots of long car rides were involved over the 7 years before we got married.

    We weren't in different countries, but different states. If both parties are invested and committed it'll all work out.
    • _SOARER

      Thank you for sharing your story! I think if the people are worth it and prove themselves to each other it will work out!
      I think people overreact nowadays and end things to soon, or dont overcome small problems early on and let it snow ball.
      Stories like yours give me hope and I hope it does the same for others <3

  • LovingLover
    Ohhhhhh I'm a big believer of LDRS. Most people hate the idea and don't believe in it. But I think they are greatest test of times. Thanks for sharing. I am actually writing a novel based on an LDR based on a true story but to release in the future. I follow a lady on uoutube who's husband started off LDR, her name is Stacey Van t Hoff.
    Thanks for sharing. i enjoyed.
    • _SOARER

      They aren't for everyone, but they aren't impossible either!
      I am happy to hear you are writing a novel! I will buy a copy when you release it! :)

    • do you like reading? 😊

      Haha but I don't think my novel will become so popular that you will hear about it or even know it's from me.

    • _SOARER

      I do enjoy reading however I never read novels haha. I will make an exception though

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  • modelUN242
    I heard those types of things working but it takes work on both sides, I guess the reason why they don't work because it becomes one-sided, and our generation is lazy.
    • _SOARER

      The laziness is killer...

  • bakingperfectionist
    I love this! I hope this generation can learn something from people like this. This is the age of unlimited options with instagram and snapchat ext.. no one wants to find/hold onto something real. What a lovely story :) I hope we can all get our priorities straight and find something like this
    • _SOARER

      Thanks for reading this! I am really glad it can inspire those thoughts! That was my purpose in sharing this :)
      And that 2nd point, getting priorities straight is super crucial to all success in life!

  • mindNsoul
    There is nothing to add or say. You are a beautiful person for stopping by and checking on the woman.

    I sometimes wonder if true love exists but you lightned a candle in my heart with that story 🌹
    • _SOARER

      She is so sweet haha. She feeds the squirrels every morning. Thanks for the kind words and reading. I am glad it could warm your heart!

  • TruthBringer
    You're comparing people from a time not ours to people from our time. True love was much more common back then. Also, society wasn't focussed on instant gratification and short term pleasures. With all the promiscuity, social media and unfaithfulness of today, it's not to be compared by that love story.

    Long distance relationships do work, but FAIL most of the time. The chances of it failing are so high, that you will need to think 10x over before you start one. From what I have seen is LDRs start without been thought through properly.

    To those who are in a LDR. I wish you best of luck. Hope it works out for you.

    To those who are not in one and perhaps are thinking of it:

    Do not enter a long distance relationship. You end up wishing more than actually experiencing. it creates a virtual relationship that isn't reality. Why waste precious time of that 1 life you got by wishing and waiting for that next flight while you can make much more memories in a direct relationship? Most people can't handle a LDR. And they often find out they can't handle being in one while they ARE one. Once it's over, what have you gained? NOTHING. In my case, getting out of a LDR and deciding never to be in one again has been one of the best decisions in my life. The only regret I have is wasting my time on being in one.
  • ineedatan
    That was a very sweet and touching read! If only I had such a love. I do believe that culture has changed and the idea of wanting to "explore other possibilities/intrests" or "being selfish" with one's own needs prevents us from finding a deep love connection.

    I've had one LDR crumble as distance from me and a closer distance from a girl he began to gain a connection with when abroad, promoted him to break things off with me. I've recently gotten out of a relationship with a guy that couldn't physically see me much due to diffrent schedules and distance (vivid related), then being tempted to fall back with a hot flame he had a thing with in the past. - My faith has been a bit shattered, but I am hopeful that there's a good man that won't take my affection for granted one day.
    • _SOARER

      Ladies need to be really careful nowadays
      Things are bad and guys will say anything to get their way
      Also people, many people treat other people like they are disposable or replaceable and that's really messed up and objectifying
      Sorry that happened to you, from your opinions I can tell you are thoughtful and kind.
      You deserve a Good man and I think he will find you!

    • ineedatan

      Thanks for those words @_soarer 🙂

  • Nonfrivolous
    This is truly beautiful, thanks for sharing. I believe in ldr but its difficult to find the right guy
    • _SOARER

      Finding the right person is really hard these days. :/
      Thanks for reading <3

    • lol or to find the right girl not a drama queen or q bit over reacting or it wil never work

  • ChocoBrownieMonster
    mate seriously in this day and age, with all this hookup culture. Nah
    • _SOARER

      we gotta be in this world
      not of this world

      But I agree, nowadays its the culture which really makes any relationship difficult. But I dont see why people can't place themselves outside the culture to make something amazing!

      Thanks for reading bro <3

    • I honestly like your take and my LDR could have been like that but I always felt it was one way. See that man in your take he was buying her love 😂 no wonder she stayed. In his day, he probably had a lot of money to waste. Not this time, we can't even buy a house by ourselves. My grandad got his house without anyone's help and he was broke just had a factory job in that guys era. Girls have equally paid jobs. I have my own house but it was partly gifted to me and not even all mine I am co-owner. That is ridiculous considering I worked very hard. Girls also have more rights than guys and divorce. Id rather not be married because i don't want to start again what I worked hard to create

    • _SOARER

      Yeah bro, haha things were so different back then 😂
      They seem a lot simpler that's for sure

  • ItsTheNephilim
    Oh yeah! Nice read, dude! True involvement, trust, nice communication and love does wonders. Love it.
    • _SOARER

      Thanks for reading and the kind words!

  • 1Sophisticatedme
    Thats an amazing story!! I love hearing stories that end with a happy ending. Have a sweet day.
  • Avicenna
    It just goes to show that it takes a lot of character to successfully do that.
    • _SOARER

      Yes, and it certainly shouldn't be the norm! I just wanted to show its possible. To boost morale for people in an LDR already :)

  • Niharika13
    Lovelyyy story... Hope everyone is loyal as they both were in their relationship 😊😊
    • _SOARER

      Thank you for reading! I hope so too!
      I know I will be as loyal haha :)

    • Niharika13


  • Browneye57
    Blah blah blah... so, one in a million validates this lunacy. Got it. Dear lord people are dense.
    • _SOARER

      If you read what I wrote you would realize that I didn't use an exception to disprove the generalization.
      I wrote this because it is exceptional and I added a caveat at the end to explain why it worked for this exception.

    • Browneye57

      You've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a shit.
      The fact is, LDR's a waste. Stats are within 90 days one or the other will find someone else. Why would anyone want to sit and pine away for someone they can't even SEE or BE WITH? It's a big fat lie to one's self.

    • _SOARER

      So you didn't bother reading it, but you bothered commenting. The fact that you commented shows that you do give a shit
      typical narcissistic boomer.

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  • MannMitAntworten
    It takes ‘two’ invested in one another to make it work... that really is all it takes. Minutes away or miles away, if one is not invested then beneath the same roof would not be enough to make it work.
  • Phoenix98
    That's a beautiful story.

    The funny thing about it to is that with today's technology long distance should be easier then ever with all the available options we have to stay in touch with others now a days. phone calls, face time, video, letters, instant messaging etc, people now a days want something quick and fast, they're impatient, distrustful, etc.

    But it's also about the right person to and that makes a huge difference.
  • Loucetios
    it was nice to read it, some people could manage it many years ago than me... i tried it twice, and didn't work out... the problem was not me or the girls... and now i am living an unhappy and a half life...
  • heyitsbianca
    Wow for a long distance relationship to work these days... damn that’s wonderful.
    • _SOARER

      I don't know about these days 😂😊 they met in the 1950s 😊

  • jjjjjooooojjjjooo
    No it doesn't work
    Man with u
    ssme house
    Same bed
    And cheating on you sometimes
    You are in his arms and he is talking to others
    Eyes said a lot of things
    For me it doesn't work at allllll
  • scooogy
    In a way you can only say it worked if two people stayed in a LDR until they died.
    • _SOARER

      Well, thats for any successful relationship haha
      Its strange to look at it this way, but in marriage people normally swear until death :)

  • apollo3000
    Thanks mate, that is heartwarming!
    I knew those things existed, back in the day, have met a few people when I was a child who had similar stories, and were together 40 or 50 years later, still very caring about each other.
    In a nutshell, that is what it is, that perseverance and effort to treat her the way she deserves to be treated (not to look for excuse as to 'why not' - or to hump around meaninglessly)
    • _SOARER

      Most people agree this is the way to have a lasting relationship. It makes me wonder why so few people have relationships like this today. According to most users who have read this. They enjoy it and agree.

      Anyways, thanks for reading! glad it could warm your heart

  • Good for them.

    It usually isn't the case
  • Aquiline_feast
    Congratulations... love you from every long distance lovers. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 the distance is nothing till someone breakthrough.
  • Cryptic-Game
    They work plenty of times. It is wonderful when it does and if the relationship prospers.
    You just became the GOAT of MyTakes.
    • _SOARER

      Thank you for the praise! I am happy to see so many people are reading it and enjoying it :)

    Amen brother!!! Good my take. 😎👍
    • _SOARER

      Thank you for reading I appreciate it!

  • Amal-ove
    Thanks for sharing this
    It was a lovely read
    • _SOARER

      I am happy you could enjoy it.

  • msc545
    Very nice story!!! Thank you!
  • Sir_Glance_A_Lot
    Sounds great!
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Very nice story !
  • okokoududhsbkokok
    @nonfrivolous Hahahah
  • Anonymous
    I think nowadays long-distance relationships that don't work out, is probably because either or both party/parties wants someone whom they can sleep with.

    I once knew a guy who happened to be the nephew of one of my friend's. My friend was older than me, and his wife had a nephew in the country where she originally came from many years ago. Somehow this guy requested to be friend with me on Facebook. He was nice and non creepy. We had been friends on Facebook but never talked. One day he greeted me and we started texting on Facebook. We had known each other for weeks but it felt like months. We had similar view points on certain things, and we both liked improving ourselves (intellectually).

    One day we had promised to do a video call, since he had requested to hear my voice recording, but I did not like how my voice sounded when recorded. I waited past the "video date" time, but he did not log on or texted a word. I texted him saying that I was looking forward to the video call. He told me that he had found "someone." It was an old friend of his that he decided to sleep with. I guess because she was readily available and convenient. It was someone whom he had known, and was close to him. I thought he didn't even have the man gut to tell that to me until I asked.
    • Anonymous

      Prior to this guy breaking his video date with me, he told me that in 2 years his (direct) family could be immigrating to where I am, and had told me that he couldn't wait to meet and date me.

      I think nowadays sometimes the society, media, etc. make it seem like a relationship is all about sex. Long-distance relationships don't work out because one person in the relationship cheated first. If both remained loyal and understanding, they would realize that the wait is worth it. Make passionate love when they finally see each other.

    • _SOARER

      I couldn't agree more.
      Sex is so easy nowadays and people have 0 impulse control. Also increasingly people treat others as disposable... it really can be discouraging. I am sorry to hear that happened to you.

      It was probably for the best tbh. Being with someone like that would be terrible!

  • Anonymous
    That's a lovely historical love story Unfortunately these days with our media and mobile phones seem to get in the way of a longterm although I agree it's easier to keep in touch It also allows you to keep looking more local and of course you also have the cheaters who take full advantage My parents met on a blind date and we're together 59 years and point something My father still sent her flowers on different occasions On one anniversary he aked me to take him up town he wanted to get Mum some flowers Think this was their ruby or gold He said he thinks roses would be best He asked me what colour he should buy I said I would get white reprosents purity someone special He said no ill get peach I asked him why peach Apprantly he remembered they were in Mums wedding bouquet What a romantic he was These days people don't have that level of commitment Sex is hyped up Pressure of who sleps with who Must have sex before marriage and Marriage seems to be more threatful than a pleasure
    • _SOARER

      Yeah, people haven't been taught to strengthen their consciousness and prudence. It results in a lot of bad decisions and mistrust.
      I agree with your last point about the institution of marriage being tarnished. It has to do with the secular marriage and the lack of understanding about what marriage is really for