All of the cons about me, LanaDelRey25


Because nobody's perfect, eh? I'm not really afraid to let people know because I just did a my take about me and it was mostly positive so here it goes

1. I get jealous easily

I don't trust a lot of guys, my mom, both grandma's and aunt were all cheated on so now I get jealous and suspicious easier.

2. When I believe something, I believe it.

No matter how crazy, weird or nerdy it is, if I think it's facts, I'm going to defend it to the grave. I don't give up easily and stand my ground. I don't know if that's a con but...

3. I have a temper

I may be 5'1 and 105 pounds but I'm not a little kitten when I get mad. I've been known to use my nails.....not that I'm proud or anything. But if someone insults my family or SO I will beat some living daylight out of you like catfight level 15.

4. I have OCD

I make random humming noises (not to the tune of a song, I wish) and blink all the time among loads of other physical ticks. So that might be annoying to some people...

5. I have a sensitive stomach

I can't even pinpoint all the things that kill my tummy but I'm all the time having to run to the bathroom feeling queasy during fun times :( it makes me really sad.

6. I notice everything......everything

If you aren't putting in the effort I think our relationship needs, guess who's gonna notice, and guess who it's gonna hurt? I'm very considerate so when others not, I get really sad :(

7. I'm a perfectionist and a slight germaphobe

I've been known to not even set my bum on the family toilet seat AFTER it's been cleaned. I always hover lmao. And I'm always tiding little things and straightening ANYTHING that's out of place

8. I have a hard time coping with a nasty SO

Meaning one who farts around me or has nasty breath etc, it's such a major turn off and really hard to recover from in the earl dating stages...I'm picky I guess?

Well that's pretty much all the major things I guess Hope you enjoyed! <3

All of the cons about me, LanaDelRey25

Still love me?

All of the cons about me, LanaDelRey25
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  • Tunasub
    I can relate to all but one. My stomach is cool. Hmmm I don't get jealous I just don't trust most folks. My temper is like no other and that is why I've taken it upon myself not to get angry. I work on myself daily, reminding myself throughout today that I can't control other but I can control myself and how I react to things.

    I too notice everything.. it's a gift and a curse. Sometimes I really don't like that I do this.

    I wouldn't say they are cons. Those thingsake you... YOU. all good to me..


    I would have to mess with you and your OCD... like moving shit out of place on purpose... lmao..
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  • flashgrandad
    Even with those "faults" and you having an SO yes I still love you xxx
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    • I don't have a significance other, but thank you!

Most Helpful Girls

  • Nice. I get jealous easily too and prefer to date a loner so that i dont have to compete with their fam/friends lol. Im def ocd/perfectionist/germaphobe. Yea that nasty SO stuff is def pet peeves and deal breakers. here's mine from a while back
    #NEWCHALLENGE 10 Flaws and All
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  • menina
    Yes, I still love you. :) No one is perfect and I can relate to some of the things you mentioned like #6 and #8.
    I don't think that defending something that you really believe in is a con. It's a sign of strength and courage. So, don't change that. :)
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thank you for sharing well written and appreciated
  • iFarted
    "Meaning one who farts around me"

    I think it's best that we just stay friends.
  • MrHopper
    I guess... but you did make me cry
    • Whaaaa? Why?

    • MrHopper

      You unfollowed me *sniff sniff* then you said you wanted me to block you and... and... and... yeah :(

      Nah good to have you back with your crazy style.. do not stay too long! the real world needs you!

    • Lmao well I sent you a follow request mr. emotional

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  • alance99
    Yes you are still adorable 🙂🙂
  • Jerre
    Yes we do.
  • Good to keep in mind 😂
    Yeah i guess so. Lol
  • GreenGold1992
    You don't sound too terrible
  • bklynbadboy1
    I'm impressed to a lot to write this