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The last pages left

''When you love someone you understand that you also love what they do, you also love their world. Their home. Their memories.
This why I decided to go with Sonja
to Sweden.''

''Those who you love, never die. They don't die. Not completely. They live in your mind, in the way they have always lived inside you. So keep their light alive. If you keep them in your heart, in your memories, they can still guide you, with the light of extinct stars that guide the ships in dark and unkown waters.''

''This is for you, because my heart clings to the hope radiated by crying flowers born out of the sky. The hope that the cold illness of your heart can be at least rooted out a little by this warm meal I made for you. Should I find it untouched at my return, or spat in the trash or regurgitated, you won't be longer welcome to call me your love. You won't be longer welcome in my world.''
The last pages left
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  • Stephrose88
    The poem is nice but it seems you are sad. Do you have anyone to talk to about your feelings?
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  • whatdoyouwantt
    Love doesn't exist
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  • msc545
    Nice thoughts. Is there a question here?
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  • Unit1
    🥰 Women's love put into words 🥰
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  • Anonymous
    This means you are alright or?
    • B_nash

      I don’t think this is any reflection of the girl hurting him. I think this is about how he’s hurting her. I don’t think his fiancé did any of this to him but more so of what he did to her.

    • B_nash

      All I’m reading is pain and sorrow from him

    • Anonymous

      @B_nash he seems stuck in a vicious cycle. Anger, sorrow, anger, sorrow.
      Now I'm questioning how he's not been placed under care yet.

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  • Anonymous
    This is getting strange